The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 316

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 316 – Lily did not expect Darryl to get her a gift as he had only gone to the washroom. She felt so loved.

“Don’t open it yet.” Darry smiled. “It’s nothing expensive; let’s open it at home.”

Darryl did not want Denise to be jealous as she had wanted the necklace from the same shop.

Lily nodded and said softly, “Dear, I already love it even though it’s not expensive. I will always cherish it as it is a gift from you.”

Denise laughed.

“Open it, Lily. Let me see what your husband got for you. I am curious, ” Denise said coldly.

‘A gift for the wife, but she can only open it at home. It must be something cheap; he must be worried about people laughing at him.’ Denise thought. ‘Lily, you were the most famous girl in school. Who knew you’d marry such a useless man.’

Lily smiled. “My husband already said that it is nothing expensive. You don’t need to be curious.”

Then she put the box into her bag.

No one expected Denise to snatch the gift and laughed. “Don’t be stingy; let’s have a look, shall we?”

Denise opened the gift box.

“Hey!” Lily was annoyed. How rude could that woman be? How could she open the gift without her permission?

Lily wanted to take the box back, but all of them were stunned, especially Denise. Her jaw dropped.

There was a gorgeous necklace in the gift box Eternal Love!

An Eternal Love that was worth 6o million bucks! Lily shivered; she was surprised and excited!

Had her husband bought that for her? How could that have happened?

Denise looked at Lincoln; both were still in shock.

After a short while, Denise finally came to her senses. She laughed as she looked at Darryl. “Wow, it looks like you didn’t go to the washroom; you must have gone to steal the necklace!”

It was definitely a theft. How would a live-in son-in-law like him have the money to buy that?

Even the Lyndon family’s Grandma would not have purchased a 6o-million necklace without a second thought. He must have stolen it!

That was why Darryl told Lily to open the gift at home. He did not want others to find out about it!

Lincoln smiled too. “Wow, Lily! I did not know you married such a great man. He could steal a 60- million item so easily.”

Lily was worried. “Stop saying that. My husband will never steal anything.”

“He’d never steal? Didn’t he get arrested and sent to j**l for stealing two cell phones?” Denise laughed. Then she raised the gift box and shouted, ”

Come and take a look! There is a thief here! Someone here had stolen a necklace worth 60 million bucks. Come quickly!”

Everyone started to gather around them; they pointed at Darryl and criticized him.

A theft in broad daylight?

Darryl could not stand it anymore. He stared at Denise and said, “You can’t afford it, so others can’ t, too?”

Denise laughed. “So, is it stolen? You would know.”

More people gathered around them, and everyone started to reprimand him. A few workers at the mall even took out their cell phone to call the police.