The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 312

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 312 – Darryl laughed when he pulled Lily into his arms. Lily had been so sweet to him; it was so irresistible.

Lily struggled slightly and blushed, “Dear, stop it. Mother is just outside”

How awkward it would be. Darryl let go of her and got off the bed, getting dressed.

Lily grabbed his arms and said, “Dear, since today is a day off, let’s go out.”

“Great!” Darryl replied immediately.

He felt the reliance of his wife on him was getting stronger.

Lily was delighted. She quickly headed to get dressed. While she was choosing or her shoes, she picked up The Worship of Crystal but put it back after taking a look.

Darryl was puzzled, he laughed, “This pair of shoes look good on you. Why did you put it back?”

Lily’s expression looked complicated. She said, “ Dear, I will not wear it. Why don’t you get me a pair of stilettos later, I wish to wear something that you got for me.”

Until then, Lily had no idea who sent her The Worship of Crystal.

As her relationship with Darryl was getting closer, she felt awkward wearing a pair of shoes that was given by others while going out with him.

If it was not because of how valuable the shoes were, she would have just thrown them away.

Darryl was stunned, he could not stop laughing, “Silly dear, The Worship of Crystal was a present from me.”

Ha-ha, how cute she was, thinking that someone had sent her the shoes. The shoes were worth tens of millions of bucks. How would someone have given it as a present without informing?

Lily had a shiver and was speechless. What?

The Worship of Crystal…a present from Darryl.

She felt so lucky and warm as she dove into Darryl’s arms.

She felt guilty and apologetic, “Dear, I’m sorry. I had always misunderstood you.”

That was true. When she received The Worship of Crystal, she thought it was from Ashton. Who would have known the one that Ashton had sent was just an artificial copy of the shoes?

“Dear, is there anything you have been hiding from me?” Lily pushed Darryl away. “How could you have afforded it? A pair of The Worship of Crystal was over 30 ***illion bucks. Earlier at Roger’s Auction, The Worship of Crystal was sold at 1 billion bucks. Where did you get the money from?”

“Besides, the other day at the hospital, why Caelan appeared to be fearful of you, even though he was there to collect his debt?” Lily could not stop asking.

Darryl smiled. He should have explained all about himself to her much earlier. Darryl looked at her curious face and answered, “Actually I am Darby…”

Ring, ring, ring.

Before Darryl could mention that he was the second son of the Darby family, his cellphone rang suddenly.

Darryl took out his cellphone, it was Skyler.

Skyler used to be the Hall Master of the Grandmaster Heaven Cult. Ever since Darryl gave him the Heaven Cult Elixir as an antidote, he passed the Hall Master title on to Darryl.

Later when Darryl visited the Elysian Island, the Cult Mistress had honored Darryl with the title of Elders Master, and hence Darryl had returned the Hall Master title to Skyler once he got back to Donghai City.

Darryl answered the call. Skyler sounded like he was in a rush, “Brother Darryl, where are you?”

“I’m at home. What happened?” Darryl replied.

“Brother Darryl, it is the birthday of the Cult Master of the Grandmaster Heaven Cult. You are now an Elders Master; you need to be there at the Elysian Island to congratulate the Cult Master.

Please don’t forget.” Said Skyler.

Darryl laughed awkwardly as the moments he had with the Cult Master’s wife was playing in his mind.

“Brother Darryl? Brother Darryl?” Skyler was calling for Darryl as he did not hear a reply from him.

“Yes, yes, I’m listening.” Darryl replied, “The birthday is three days later, there’s no rush.”

Darryl then ended the call. The most important thing for him to do at that moment was to go out with his wife.