The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 309

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 309 – “Darryl, didn’t you listen to me in class?” Sunny explained, “You should not put out the fire while producing a pill, I’ve repeated this many times.”

“Miss, you missed an ingredient. The boiling pot has an extremely high temperature, it’s dangerous ” Darryl frowned as he looked at his watch.

The boiling pot would burst in just two minutes!

However, Sunny glared at Darryl with anger and said, “I’ve been in this field for a long time and I’ve mastered dozens of elixirs. Although this is my first time producing a Blood Clotting Pill, it is a beginner level pill and it is fairly easy to make, no accidents would happen. You should stop doubting your instructor.”

She was usually gentle even when she was teaching in class. However, she got inevitably offended as she was doubted by a student in class when she was the instructor.

“Darryl, can you please shut up and stop distracting her?” asked Daisy Palmer impatiently. The whole class became infuriated and everyone started pointing fingers at Darryl.

It was a known fact that there were far too few cultivators who knew about pill producing despite the vast number of cultivators! It was a rare opportunity for those students to witness the process of producing pills by their instructor!

Miles Morrison stood up abruptly, “Darryl, what are trying to do here? Are you seeking attention?”

Declan Noel who was the class monitor of Class Sixteen furrowed his brow and took few steps forward, “Darryl, you can leave if you’re not willing to listen in class, don’t disrupt the class. Why are you causing trouble when Miss Scott is demonstrating for everyone? You can leave the class early if you don’t like the subject.”

The other students nodded in agreement and a few girls scowled at Darryl with annoyance.

Only Dax furrowed his brow silently.

He knew that Darryl was not one of those who liked to enjoy the limelight. There must be a reason why he wanted to put out the fire!

’Perhaps there is really something wrong with Miss Scott’s production?’

Darryl was exasperated.

’These people are really something. You guys are accusing me that I’m stirring a problem when I’m just giving a kind reminder?”

Dax whispered, “Darryl, what’s wrong?”

Darryl was about to reply when he saw the bronze boiling pot getting red from the heating and emitting heat in the air.

Sunny was unaware of the danger, she continued teaching while standing right in front of the boiling pot.

Darryl’s expression changed drastically. He threw himself at Sunny without a word and forced her into his arms as they fell to the floor. He knew that she would not listen if he asked her to run so he had to protect her!

“Darryl, what…what are you doing?”

Sunny who was pressed under Darryl became nervous as she was overwhelmed with shyness, her cheeks flushing from embarrassment.

Everyone was startled and some of the male students could no longer suppress their annoyance.

“Darryl, what are you doing?”

“How dare you take advantage of our teacher?!”

Many of the female students were repulsed by Darryl’s action. ’What a brazen p*****t! He did that to get his hands on Miss Scott during class!’

Darryl was humored and annoyed at the same time when Sunny tried to struggle free. He said, “Miss Scott, please stop moving!”

He shouted to the others, “Run! The boiling pot’s going to burst!”

’What the f*ck, these idiots.’

’I’m just trying to save her and yet you’re accusing me of being filthy-minded.’


The boiling pot was going to burst?

The crowd went silent for a moment before bursting into laughter.

Declan sneered, “Darryl, stop making excuses. Get up and let Miss Scott go.”

Daphne Palmer could not hide the disdain on her face as she called out, “Daryl, you’re shameless for doing such a despicable thing to our teacher! Just wait, I’m calling the school authorities over.”

She turned to walk out of the room.


It was that moment when the temperature  in the boiling pot reached its peak and the pot burst. The entire elixir producing room quaked from the explosion!

The crowd was frightened and scattered to the sides in panic, some of the girls were in tears.

Dax reacted in time by grabbing both Daisy and Daphne and left the room hurriedly.

Circe who was initially standing behind the crowd already walked to the room’s door when she heard Darryl’s warning about the burning pot. She trusted him for some reason.

Those students aside, everyone from the class fell to the ground from the quaking!

The explosion had a huge impact and everyone was injured, many of them had abrasions from the debris of the exploding boiling pot.

The students were covered in ashes and they cried in pain.

Most of the herbs in the elixir producing room were b****d to dust.