The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 289

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 289 – Of course, Darryl knew that Atlantic Street would be packed to the brim with people. How was it possible that Paul booked the entire street?

Then, his phone rang. It was from Lily.

Lily asked, “Darryl, have you come out of the library?”

Lily was walking on Atlantic Street when she thought of calling Darryl. She did not expect that he would pick up! Darryl laughed, hearing the hustle and bustle of the crowd on Lily’s end. “Yes, where are you?” he responded.

“I’m at Atlantic Street with Jade and Phoebe. It’s crowded here! Come find us!” Lily exclaimed hopefully.

How could Darryl say no? “Okay! Wait for me!” he answered.

Lily hung up the call with her face filled with joy. The fact that she could see Darryl in a short while made her swoon!

The taxi that Darryl hailed had barely reached Atlantic Street when it got stuck in traffic. Darryl got down and walked into the crowd. There were many stalls; the sellers were shouting to attract customers. Rows of lanterns decorated the entire street.

Darryl admired the view while searching for Lily.

“Come get your fortune predicted! Fortune telling available!”

Megan and Kent were nearby when they heard a fortune-teller yelling. The fortune-teller looked like he was in his forties with a goatee and a Taoist robe. He looked ethereal. A crowd had gathered near him.

“Miss, is your family name Castello?” The fortune- teller smiled and asked Megan.

Megan was amazed at how the fortune-teller could accurately guess her name. She did not know him. How did he know her family name?

“Master, how did you know that my girlfriend’s family name is Castello? That’s amazing. Please do a reading for her!” Kent laughed and told the fortune-teller.

The fortune-teller combed through his goatee as he spoke seriously, “I require a payment for each session.”

“How much?” Kent asked.

“One buck. ” The fortune -teller nodded. “One buck is all I need!”

This master must be genuine! He only charged one buck for his predictions! The crowd looked on in amazement.

Kent chuckled as he paid the fortune-teller. “ Master, please do a reading for my girlfriend,” he requested.

The fortune-teller nodded. He asked Megan, “Miss, when were you born? Please let me know the time as well.”

Megan replied excitedly, “Sixth of October, three in the afternoon.”

“October six, three in the afternoon…” The fortune- teller closed his eyes and muttered to himself. He calculated with his fingers and said, “Your Day Master Heavenly Stem is gold. Among the five elements, you have an affinity for the water element and are lacking in wood!” Lacking wood?

“What does that mean?” Megan was puzzled.

The fortune-teller smiled and explained, “In your life, you need someone with the water element, yet you stay away from people with the wood element.”

Megan nodded along, unconvinced.

She did not notice that the fortune-teller glanced at Kent when he finished his prediction. Kent raised his eyebrow in response. This fortune-teller was set up by Kent.

The fortune-teller continued, “I could see that recently, things have not been going smoothly for you. At work, things would seem to go well but turn sour at the most critical moment. If I’m not mistaken, you’re a police officer?”

This was way too accurate. Megan shuddered at the thought. It was true, her cases have not been going smoothly, such as the Grandmaster Heaven and the Eternal Life Palace. Getting Darryl to enter p****n to get closer to Chester did not work out as well.

Megan was fully convinced of the fortune-teller’s ability. She asked anxiously, “Master, what should I do?”

If he could predict things so accurately, he must have a solution to her problems.