The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 287

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 287 – PURE ENERGY SCRIPTURE.

The name seemed powerful! Darryl cheered happily. He impatiently flipped the manual open, reading a few sentences of small words on the first page.

’The Pure Energy Scripture belongs to the Shaolin sect, created by Bodhidharma. It is a masterpiece of the Internal Energy.’

‘Internal Energy? Was this not about powerful.

Nevertheless, he continued flipping through the book, eventually becoming deeply engrossed in it.

It did not turn out to be any ordinary Internal Energy book. If described in detail that if this skill was mastered, the user’s Internal Energy would become as pure as possible. That meant if one fully mastered the Pure Energy Scripture, they could easily overpower other cultivators of the same rank.

At that, Darryl was ecstatic. He crossed his legs, lowered his energy field, and started cultivating.

The Mid-Autumn Festival arrived two days later. The entire city was in a festive mood, with moon cakes being sold everywhere.

Many people came out to the park to play. However, Lily was at home, feeling gloomy.

The Longya Streaming Platform—her sole source of income—had shut down. She had no income from not being able to live-stream in a couple of days. To make matters worse, Samantha recently became addicted to mahjong and lost a lot of money. She started off making small bets worth about a few hundred bucks or so, but lately, it had gotten worse. She was losing a couple million bucks a day.

The most Lily could earn in a day was slightly short of ten million, and that money was given to her by Darryl.

Having recently bought a mansion, Lily did not have much money on her. She could not afford to pay for Samantha’s g******g addiction.

Samantha came downstairs dressed to the nines, lugging the latest Louis Vuitton bag on her arm— clearly prepared for another night of Mahjong.

“Mother, please stop playing mahjong,” Lily pleaded, “If you want to continue, place smaller bets next time. We are not rich.”

Samantha nodded. “Fine, I promise you I will stop.”

She dismissed Lily and took out her phone to chat with her Mahjong friends.

Lily was helpless yet furious. “Mother, don’t brush me off!” she snapped, “You’ve promised me many times, yet you’ve clearly made appointments with your friends for another night of Mahjong!”

Samantha smiled as she was about to reply when the doorbell rang.

’Darryl came back?’ thought Lily. She stood up and rushed to open the door.

Two days ago, he had something on with Miss Katherine. He had not been back since then and did not answer her calls or messages.

Lily happily opened the door, but her face darkened the moment she saw who it was.

“Grandma?” It was Granny Lyndon, with a walking stick, and William right behind her.

Lily felt conflicted when she saw the two of them.

Since Lily was kicked out of the Lyndon family, she never returned. She did not expect Grandma Lyndon to suddenly turn up at her house.

Granny Lyndon scanned the surroundings as she said, “Lily, I heard that you’ve become rich recently. This mansion is great! What, are you still angry at Grandma? Are you not going to invite me in?”

Granny Lyndon did not want to come, but she had no choice. The Lyndons were distressed since the Lyndon Enterprise recently faced financial difficulties. William heard that Lily became a famous internet celebrity and earned a substantial amount of money. It would be great if they could get Lily to sponsor some of the cash for the Lyndon Enterprise.

“Grandma, please come in,” she nodded.

Granny Lyndon observed the interior decor and nodded. She praised Lily as she took a seat on the sofa. “Lily, the renovation of this mansion is great!

It looks like you did a great job on the house. I heard that this is the best mansion in all of Donghai. William nodded in agreement as he said, “Lily, it looks like your livestream career made you a lot of money. Which patron donated the most? Did he invite you out for dinner?”

Lily ignored him. She looked at Granny Lyndon and asked politely, “Grandma, you came here all of a sudden. Did something happen?”

They would not come all this way for no particular reason.

Granny Lyndon smiled bitterly at Lily, sighing as she explained the situation with the Lyndon Enterprise.

When she finished, she looked at Lily with hope in her eyes and said, “Lily, I know I wronged you in the past. I apologize, but the Lyndon family needs help now. You can’t just sit around and do nothing.”

Samatha—who overheard the entire conversation— could no longer hold back. “Can’t just sit around and do nothing?” she sneered, “Previously, when we were kicked out of the Lyndon family, we could barely survive. Who took care of us then?”