The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 285

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 285 – Xavier immediately withdrew his fist. “Oh, Miss Katherine,” he chuckled as he sized her up.

Katherine was incredibly charming; her maturity immensely attractive.

Lily let out a sigh of relief under her breath. Thank goodness, Miss Katherine came in time. If not, Darryl would have gotten a beating.

After all, Xavier was a teacher. How could Darryl fight back?

Katherine frowned. “Mister Xavier, what were you all doing?” she asked.

She watched the entire scene unfold.

“Nothing, we were just joking around.” Xavier laughed loudly.

Katherine obviously did not buy any of his words. “I saw everything. Mister Xavier, as a PE teacher, how could you bully your students?” she accused coldly.

Katherine also loathed Xavier. His perverse character was widely known among the Six orthodox sects.

“Miss Katherine, you must be mistaken!” Xavier bitterly smiled while pretending to be innocent. “ How could I bully a student? I was just playing with him. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the other students.”

“Yes, Miss Katherine. You’re mistaken,” Kent interrupted, “Mister Xavier and Darryl were just playing around. Mister Xavier would not hit a student of his.”

Darryl got lucky. He was about to receive a beating, yet Miss Katherine stopped it. Such a pity.

Miles chimed in and added, “Yes, Miss Katherine. They were just joking around. Everyone saw it!”

Darryl smiled wordlessly. These two b******s, lying through their teeth.

Lily and Yvonne looked at each other in discomfort. How could the two of them lie so matter-of-factly?

Seeing that the witnesses were siding with Xavier, Katherine had nothing else to add.

“Darryl, follow me.” She walked to a tree nearby. Darryl followed suit.

Katherine began, “Darryl, as I said this morning, the highest donor will receive a reward. Your contribution was the highest out of everyone in Hexad’s, so naturally, your reward will be the best. The school has notified me that you will be allowed in to the library as a reward.”

What? The library? How was that a reward? Darryl was stunned.

The library was a majestic building, not far from where they were standing. When Hexad’s was established, the most famous building was the library. The impressive library housed countless books covering all topics, including—but not limited to—astronomy, geography, and history. It was open to all students at any time.

What sort of reward was this? Anyone could enter the library even if they did not donate!

Observing Darryl’s expressions, Katherine could read his mind. She laughed and asked seriously, “ Were you thinking that the reward was a little sketchy?”

Darryl let out a laugh. Was it not?

Katherine continued, “All students can enter the library, indeed. However, did you know that the library has a basement?”

“A basement?” Darryl asked.

Katherine nodded. “The Hexad School was founded by the Six orthodox sects. They have been in the world of martial arts for thousands of years, and each sect has their own unique skills, including the Shaolin’s Body Transformation Scripture, or the Wudang’s Tai chi skills, and even Emei’s Nine Yin White Bone Claw. These are all of their secret manuals. A student who can master any of these could easily survive the world of martial arts.”

“These manuals are not available for anybody to learn,” she added, “They were kept in the library’s basement. Since you’re the highest donor, Hexad’s has allowed you to enter the basement to pick a manual to practice.”

Until now, Katherine could not believe that Darryl— the laughing stock of the class—was the highest donor.

Was he not just a live-in son-in-law? Where did he get all the money from?

Darryl was extremely excited. He had previously mastered Grandmaster Heaven’s manual, the Ascension of the Nine Dragons, and successfully used it once while k*****g a shark. It was potent. If he could master another manual, it would be great!

As she looked at Darryl’s excitement, she warned, “ Darryl, don’t be too happy just yet. You need to know that these manuals contain the deepest knowledge of each sect. It will be hard for an ordinary person to learn. You have to understand that even though you have the manual, you might not master it.”