The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 284

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 284 – Xavier King was a Level Five Master General from the Kunlun sect.

His biggest problem was that he was a p*****t. He lusted after women. He noticed Lily and Yvonne on the first day of school and tried getting close to them.

He was unhappy that the two of them were so close with Darryl, so he threw the ball at him without a second thought.

“I’m so sorry, the ball slipped!” Xavier smiled “It’s fine,” Darryl replied nonchalantly.

Xavier picked up the ball and returned to the court.

Darryl continued his conversation with Circe. “Sure, let’s discuss where to eat after school.”

The belle of the school was buying him a meal. It would be dumb to not accept.

As Circe left, she cheered silently, not showing it outwardly. She maintained her usual ice-cold composure.

Lily hooked her arm around Darryl’s arm as she asked, “Why is she apologizing to you? Why is she buying you a meal?”

Yvonne was curious as well. After all, Circe was the belle of the school. Plenty of men had tried to court her, but they all failed. However, she approached Darryl personally! At this instant, Lily and Yvonne were now on the same team.

Darryl laughed, but as he was about to reply, a ball flew towards them again. This time, it hit Lily, not Darryl.

Lily cried out in pain. Darryl was fuming with rage as he looked in the direction. He saw that it was Xavier again, clearly doing it on purpose.

Xavier ran up to them, completely ignoring Darryl. “ Oh no, I’m so sorry! It must be painful, let me rub it for you,” he smiled.

He was about to touch Lily when Darryl stopped him.

“Apologize to Lily,” Darryl said coldly. Xavier was enraged. “What did you say?” he frowned.

Darryl replied bluntly, “Are you deaf? I told you to apologize to Lily.”

Their classmates surrounded them, watching the scene unfold. Was Daryl mad? How dare he speak to a teacher that way?

Kent Hough emerged from the crowd. “Darryl, you are in the wrong,” he declared, “Stop pretending to be all high and mighty. Mister Xavier did not do it on purpose. How dare you ask him to apologize? Who do you think you are? You’re just a mere live- in son-in-law.”

A burst of laughter erupted.

Darryl ignored him. “I’ll say it once more, apologize to her,” he repeated.

Realizing the situation, Lily tugged at Darryl’s sleeve and whispered, “Darryl, it’s fine.”

She knew that Xavier did it on purpose. However, this was The Hexad School. Darryl might be right, but he could never win against a teacher here.

Xavier was seething. With everyone watching them, he could not possibly apologize to a student. His face flushed as he scolded, “B*stard, are you looking for d***h? Sure!”

Xavier was preparing to throw a punch.

The rest of the students laughed, knowing Darryl was in for a beating. He deserved it!

Lily and Yvonne were anxious. Though Darryl knew how to fight, he could not win against a PE teacher.

On the other hand, Darryl was calm, laughing to himself. He was sure that if he threw the first punch, Xavier would d*e terribly.

Just when Xavier’s punch was about to hit Darryl, a high pitch shrill came from afar.

“STOP!” It was not booming loud, but it was overtly powerful. A s**y figure approached them, her face filled with rage.

It was Katherine.

“Mister Xavier, how could you bully a student?” Katherine asked.