The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 283

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 283 – “What thief?” Yvonne asked curiously as she overheard the Palmer sisters’ sneers.

Daisy smiled and said, “Yvonne, didn’t you hear? Darryl stole someone’s hand phone yesterday. You’d better stay away from that thief.”

Yvonne smiled, not believing a single word. Darryl stealing phones? This was the funniest thing she ever heard.

He could live comfortably for the rest of his life just by relying on his skill in authenticating antiques and artifacts. Why would he steal phones?

Darryl ignored Daisy, completely engrossed in examining the piece of jade.

“There is a carving of a foreigner playing a musical instrument. If I’m right, this should be from the jade carving of it. This jade is a gem, estimated to be worth roughly around one and a half million or so.”

Lily’s face was filled with admiration as she heard Darryl’s analysis. “Darryl, you’re wonderful!” she cheered.

How did she not know sooner that he knew so much about antiques?

Yvonne was equally in awe as well. Even her father did not recognize this jade, yet Darryl does. He was amazing! At the same time, Yvonne was slightly disappointed as well, regretting not knowing him earlier.

Suddenly, another bottle appeared, followed by an ice-cold voice that said, “Darryl, drink up.”

What was happening today? Why did he keep getting bottles of water?

Darryl was stunned when he looked up. It was Circe!

Everyone’s eyes were on them now. What was with Darryl? How did he get so many gorgeous girls to approach him? At first, it was Lily and Yvonne.

Now, even the belle of  the school, Circe Newman.

“Darryl, I’m so sorry that I blamed you today,” she apologized frankly.

She was somewhat panicked. This was the first time she ever gave someone water. Initially, she was quite angry at Darryl for ignoring her note in class, but she decided to apologize to him in person during Physical Education. After all, she thought Darryl was a real thief this morning.

“It’s fine,” Darryl waved his hand in dismissal. He did add on further.

Circe was still apologetic. “Why not let me buy you a meal after school? You can decide on the place,” she offered.

What? Circe wanted to buy him a meal? The guys were extremely jealous. It was a huge honor to have a meal with Circe, yet this honor was bestowed upon on the live-in son-in-law? The world was unfair.

Lily and Yvonne looked at each other in confusion. What was happening? Why did Circe apologize to him and offered to buy him a meal? Yvonne was curious, but she did not pry further.

Lily, on the other hand, was slightly jealous. Hexad’ s most popular girl Circe Newman approached Darryl herself. Of course, she would feel jealous. She did not use to feel this way previously. Perhaps, she was afraid of losing him. Darryl belonged to her. No one could take that away, not even the belle of the school!

Lily thought about it for a while and held on to his arm. She said to Darryl sweetly, “Hubby, since your classmate wants to buy us dinner, let’s go!”

Lily added, “Yvonne, come along as well!” Oof!

Darryl had goosebumps. If he recalled correctly, this was the first time Lily called him ’Hubby’ in three years.


Suddenly, a ball flew in Darryl’s direction and hit him square on the shoulder.

’Who the f*ck could be that bad at basketball?’ thought Darryl. He looked in the direction where the ball came from. He saw a huge man approaching him, looking apologetic. It was Xavier King, Lily’s PE teacher.