The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 279

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 279 – What?

Everyone was floored when they saw the list. A few girls gasped in amazement.

Five million.

How did this live-in son-in-law donate so much? Where did he get the money from?

Clueless, Katherine asked, “What happened? Why are all of you so stunned?”

“Miss Katherine,” someone replied, “Look at the online donation platform.”

Katherine checked her phone. She trembled.

What? Darryl donated five million? He was the highest contributor out of the entire school!

She was in a daze, staring at Darryl with disbelief.

Circe could not help but look at Darryl as well; her eyes glimmering slightly. If he could donate five million, why would he steal phones? Unless what he said earlier was true?

Among the many who were stunned, the Palmer sisters—Daisy and Daphne—were conflicted. They were dumbfounded. How could Darryl have donated so much money?

Darryl approached Declan. “Declan, you said I’m poor, so I had to steal phones,” he accused. “Please let me know how many phones would I need to steal to be able to donate this five million?”

D**d silence.

Declan’s face flushed bright red. He could not find the words, but he was not convinced. How did this guy get so much money? He thought for a while. Suddenly, he remembered that Darryl was a live-in son-in-law. He must have spent his wife’s money.

Declan gritted his teeth, took his phone, and donated another five million.

“F*ck! Declan donated another five million!” Someone blurted.

The class was once again stunned. Many girls looked toward Declan with adoration in their eyes. Declan was such a generous person.

Declan shook his phone in front of Darryl tauntingly. “Darryl, stop pretending,” he snarled. “ Don’t think I don’t know that the five million bucks you donated were from your wife! Aren’t you afraid you’ll get a scolding from your wife when you go home? All this just to save your image.”

“I’m different,” Declan flaunted. “My dad gives me my money. I can spend it on whatever I like, whereas you have to rely on a woman. What a l***r! Yet, you still pretend that you’re rich.”

At that, the entire class came to their senses. Yes! He was just a live-in son-in-law. Where did he get the money from? It must be from his wife.

Declan sneered outwardly, yet his heart bled. He donated seven million. It was a huge amount!

However, the class had their eyes on him, so he could not lose!

Darryl—not noticing his surroundings—smiled at Declan. He said, “If that’s the case, let’s bid.” Darryl donated once more.

Ten million! Everyone’s jaw dropped.

Declan was furious and shocked at the same time. Darryl must have stolen his wife’s money! How could he have added another ten million? Declan was conflicted, having only eighteen million left in his account.

Declan went all out. He looked at Darryl coldly, gritted his teeth, and donated another ten million. His hands trembled when he looked at the amount on his phone.

’F*ck. The live-in son-in-law can’t possibly top my donation,’ Declan thought.

“Declan is back as the highest donor, with a total of seventeen million! Such generosity!”