The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 261

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 261 – ’The fat guy was Jade’s cousin? Jade was pretty, so why was her cousin so ugly and fat?’ Darryl thought.

Darryl shook his head. “Lisa and Jack, right? Go home, they’ll listen to me, and we won’t sell you.”

Lisa was caught off guard. She pointed at Darryl and scowled. “Listen to you? What did you say? That you won’t sell the villa to us? Are you a staff member here? Tsk, tsk, tsk, I knew it. You’re a security guard here, aren’t you? Since when does the security guard have the right to refuse a buyer, eh?”

Her voice was loud and clear, and lots of passersby heard and gathered around them.

Dora’s cheeks turned red, and she pulled on Darryl. “Let’s just go.”

“Don’t go yet! Since your boyfriend is a security guard here, I’ll phone my cousin now and fire him.” Jack laughed.

He picked up the phone and called Jade. She answered the call shortly after.

“Jade, come here now. It’s urgent,” Jack said.

Please, please don’t make the call! ” Dora panicked. She realized by now that Darryl was not here to visit, and he must have been a part-time security guard here as well.

‘He can’t lose his job because of me!’ Dora thought as she stood forward.

“I’ll apologize to you all. Please don’t make the call. Darryl and I will leave right away.”

“It’s too late now.” Jack kept the phone in his pocket. “What about this? You and your boyfriend kneel on the floor and beg me? I won’t get him fired, and I’ll make him the head of security.”

“Do I really have to kneel?” Darryl smiled.

“Yes, kneel! If you kneel and beg, I won’t fire you,” Jack said.

“Do I really have to do it?” Darryl asked.

“Yes!” Jack scoffed. “Not only do you have to kneel, your girlfriend, Dora, has to kneel too. You talked back to me just now, and you upset me. I’ll fire you unless you kneel on the floor.”

As he was talking, a s**y figure in heels marched toward them hastily.

It was Jade.

Jade was wearing a white shirt and tight formal skirt that showed off her alluring body lines and curves. She was already nearby, so when Jack called her saying there was something urgent, she came right away.

“Jade!” Jack walked toward her, smiling.

Jade nodded and glanced at Lisa. She knew her cousin well enough, and he was always picking up and playing with girls. She heard that Jack was looking to buy a villa lately, so she saved No. QQ for him, and gave him a discount. The price was reasonable after the discount.

“Jade, this security guard is so rude. Fire him!” Jack pointed at Darryl.

Jade followed the direction he pointed at and came eye to eye with Darryl.

“Wh-who did you say the security guard was?” Jade scowled.

“Him! ” Jack pointed at Darryl. “Jade, fire him now! He’s so disgusting, and having him working here will bring down the class of this area.”


Jade raised her hand and slapped Jack’s face real hard.

“Shut your mouth!” Jade was trembling with anger as she walked up to Darryl. “Daddy…”

’Huh?’ Jack was stunned. ’Darryl was in his twenties. How…How was he a Daddy?’

Darryl smiled at Jade. “Your cousin’s so amazing. He asked me to apologize to him. What do you think? Should I kneel?”

At this instant, Jade’s mind went blank, and a shiver went through her body as her legs became jelly. She could not help but glare at Jack. Her cousin always caused problems!

Before Jade said anything, Jack’s face turned pale, and he knelt on the floor.

“Bro…Sir, I was wrong. I was ignorant to have spoken to you so rudely. Please, please, forgive me,” Jack stammered.

Jack was panicking. By now, anyone could see that Darryl was not a security guard. He seemed to be the owner of Windon Real Estate. Since his cousin called him Daddy, he could only call him Sir.

Meanwhile, Lisa followed Jack and knelt on the ground. Her face was pale white, and she was shivering so nervously that she could not utter a word.

’Who was he?’ passersby thought.

The surrounding passersby stared in disbelief as they held their breath, shocked.

“Huh? Didn’t you ask me to kneel? Why are you kneeling instead?” Darryl glanced at Jack and mocked.

“Sir, I was wrong. Please forgive me.” Jack smiled embarrassingly. As he spoke, he looked at Jade, hoping she could help him out.

“Daddy, how…What are we going to do about it?” Jade bit her lips and asked carefully.

To be fair, Darryl’s face was tough to read. He seemed to be smiling but not really, which made Jade even more anxious than she already was After all, Darryl was the one who gave her everything she had now. If Darryl was angry, she might lose her job.

Watching the anxious look on Jade’s face, Darryl smiled, “How do I know? Isn’t he your cousin? You decide.”

Jade secretly let out a long sigh of relief. Darryl was not angry, so it was not too bad.