The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 251

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 251 – ’What’s wrong with these women? Just because I have a Godly pill, it means I must’ve stolen it?’ Darryl thought while he remained silent.

Saul took a deep breath. “Dax, I can see that your friend treats you very well, giving you such a rare pill, haha! Hurry up and eat it.”

His eyes were glowing with sincerity even though he really wanted to have the pill for himself. If Saul took the Godly pill as a Level Five Master General, he would become a Martial Marquis! It was the highest rank one could achieve.

However, Dax was the patriarch of the Sanders family, and the family’s future depended on him. It made more sense for Dax to take the pill.

“Grandpa, you’ve been stuck as a Fifth Level Master General for a few years already. Please, take this. I’ m about to enter The Hexad School soon; I’ll have lots of chances to eat it in the future,” Dax laughed.

“No way. You take it. I’m getting old, and it doesn’t mean much to me if I breakthrough or not. You still have a long time ahead of you, and you’ll face more dangers than me. This pill will be good for you.

Listen to me and just eat it,” Saul refused.

He was determined for Dax to have it. No matter how much he wanted to have it, he knew he had to be rational and do what was best for the family.

“No. Please, Grandpa, you have it.”

“What now? You’ve grown up and decided to disobey your Grandpa?”

By then, both of them were almost fighting for the good of the other.

“Stop fighting, I’ve another one here, ” Darryl interrupted them with a smile as he look out another Godly pill from his pocket.

’Huh? Another one?’ the crowd thought.

Suddenly, the dining hall turned silent again. Even Daisy and Daphne had to take another look at Daryl with disbelief.

A Godly pill was the most precious pill in the world of cultivation.

Darryl smiled at the eyes glued on him and handed the pill to Dan “Alright, now that each of you has one, hurry up and take them.”

“Darryl, you…” Dax was left speechless with excitement. Without hesitation, he swallowed the pill.

His Grandpa swallowed the pill too. Both of them could not contain their excitement any longer.

Suddenly, Daisy recovered from the shock and asked Darryl with a sincere look, “Darryl, do you still have any more?”

Daisy and Daphne had been stuck at Level Five Master for a very long time and could not breakthrough no matter how hard they tried. After seeing Darryl take two Godly pills out of his pocket, they could not help but look at Darryl differently.

“If you do, please give us one, too,” Daphne added. However, their tone was still rude and arrogant.

“I’m afraid I only brought two with me. That’s all I have,” Darryl said coldly without even looking at them.

’They mocked me moments ago, and now they’re asking for Godly pills? Do they think I’m a kid?’ Darryl thought.

However, it was true that he only had two pills with him today as he did not have enough time to refine more these days.

After hearing that, Daisy and Daphne did not seem pleased but did not say anything further since Saul was there.

Meanwhile, Saul excused himself to go back to his room as he had alcohol, and the pill was starting to get to him.

Once he left, Daisy continued mocking Darryl, “So you only have two pills?”

“Yeah, I’m sure that you stole it from somewhere else. You’re so brave to steal the Godly pill. If someone caught you, they’d chop your legs and k**l your family. Is that worth it for stealing two pills?” Daphne added sarcastically.

Darryl laughed. These women changed so quickly after learning that they could not get a pill from him.

“You two think so highly of me. Who wouldn’t keep their Godly pill in a safe place? I can’t possibly steal it from someone. If you think it’s easy, why don’t you two go and steal some?” Darryl said.

“You…” Daphne could not think of any snarky comeback, so she stood up. “Dax, we have things to attend to. We’ll be leaving now.”

Both of them stomped out of the dining hall in their heels. As they left, they did not even glance at Darryl. They thought they could get the Godly pill from him, but he only had two, and they did not want to waste their time talking to someone like him.