The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 249

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 249 – Darryl knew the pill was effective but thought Dax needed some time to recover after taking the pilL Surprisingly, he instantly recovered. Dax was severely wounded, but those wounds were mostly physical cuts. He would not have recovered even with this pill if he was unlucky beaten by masters.

Meanwhile, Nancy with her lips trembling in disbelief stood by the side transfixed. She knew and heard with her own ears that even the most advanced treatments were of no help and Dax was to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

However, a small pill actually cured him. What a miracle!

Dax was jumping around like an overly excited kid and grabbed Darryl’s shoulder. “Let’s go and hit the bar!”

Nancy stumped on her feet and scolded, “That’s insane! You just recovered. Can’t you be more considerate to those people who care about you? Grandpa is still home worrying about you.”

Dax ruffled his hair. “You’re right. I’ll go home and drink then. That will give Grandpa a surprise!”

“You…” Nancy shook her head, stumped her feet, and asked him to brush his teeth. Dax had completely missed her point as she did not want Dax to have any alcohol since he just recovered.

The Sanders Mansion, 7pm

Dax’s mansion had a special name dedicated to it which was also known as Sanders Mansion. A few days ago, he even thought of purchasing a tall golden stick to place in the living room.

The family was having a heart-warming dinner inside the first-floor dining room.

Six people gathered around the dining table— Darryl, Dax, Nancy, Darryl’s grandfather, and two others who seemed to be Dax’s cousins.

His elder cousin was called Daisy Palmer while the younger cousin was Daphne Palmer. Both of them were not from Donghai City but had a good relationship with Dax.

Daisy and Daphne were the centers of attraction everywhere they went with Daisy having a mature sense of beauty and an alluring body, while Daphne had a youthful kind of beauty with a charming face. Once they heard that Dax had recovered, they came all the way to pay him a visit.

They were very excited until they saw Darryl tagging along. He was dressed in cheap clothes which made him seem poor. Today was a special family occasion and they did not understand why Dax had to have him around. They even heard that Dax was injured because of him, therefore they did not like Darryl at the first glance. They also could not understand the reason Dax would be friends with someone poor like Darryl.

The more they thought along this line, the more they looked down on Darryl and gave him the cold shoulders. Were it not for their grandfather, they would have immediately left the dining table.

Dining with someone from a lower-class like Darryl

could make them look bad after all.

Darryl did not mind the cold shoulders given to him by Daisy and Daphne. He happily continued laughing and chatting with Dan Of course, he did not forget to include Dax’s grandfather in their conversation as he had always been respectful to his seniors.

After a while, Dax’s grandfather smilingly looked at Do “My grandson, I’m pleased to see you’ve recovered. Have you heard that The Hexad School was established in Donghai City in the past two days?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard of it.” Dax nodded.

Dax’s grandfather continued, “I signed the three of you up yesterday to go and study there. You, Daisy, and Daphne.”

Daisy and Daphne happily nodded as they knew their grandfather always made good decisions.

Grandpa looked at Dax with a hopeful look. He knew Dax would most likely stand out from the rest with his talents and abilities. It was even possible for him to become an Elder of the Six Sect. He would

bring glory to the Sanders family if this came true.

Though Dax did not seem too excited, he sounded concerned. “Grandpa, if I joined the Hexad School, who would look after our family business?” He was concerned as his grandfather had retired a few years ago.

Grandpa smiled. “Don’t worry about this. After you enter the school, you still have Nancy to help look after the business. I’ll also help her when she needs it.”

Nancy nodded in agreement.

Dax also nodded with a smile. He then turned to look at Darryl, “Bro, what do you think? Wanna come along?”