The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 248

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 248 – The door was opened as they spoke and Darryl hastily rushed in toward his bed with a black pill in his hand. “Dax, hurry up. Eat this!”

Darryl seemed anxious.

Dax opened his mouth and swallowed the pill without hesitation.

As he swallowed, he frowned and said with a bitter face, “D**n it! Darryl, what did you put into my mouth? It tastes so weird and smelly!”

It tasted horrible, just like sh*t.

“Hehe, this pill is indeed ver   smelly. Though it has a very elegant name—the Five Beasts Reincarnation Pill,” replied Darryl with a mysterious smirk.


Five Beasts Reincarnation Pill?

Dax stared at him dubiously with his eyes wide open.

Darryl wiped his hand with a wet tissue and explained with a smile, “Have you watched Journey to the West? In one of the scenes, the four of them went into the toilet in rotation and that toilet was called the ‘Place of Reincarnation’. This pill was made using five types of animal dung which included horse dung, sheep dung, c*w dung, and…”

The other night when Darryl read through the Infinite Elixir Manual, he accidentally came across a spiritual elixir known as the Five Beasts Reincarnation Pill. The manual recorded that this pill could rebuild broken bones and was effective at caring wounds. It was exactly what Dax needed.

Surprisingly, Darryl happened to have all the required spiritual herbs to refine this pill as he had collected quite a few of them from the island. Of course, other than those required rare herbs, the main ingredients were five types of dung. In order to get hold of these five dungs, Darryl had traveled across the city as these materials were usually found in rural areas instead of big cities like Donghai City.

Once he finished refining the pill, Darryl immediately rushed to the hospital and got Dax to s*****w it.

After listening to Darryl, Dax’s face turned green, and tried to spit out the pill. “What!? Horse dung, sheep dung… Darryl! Why did you make me eat sh* t!? D**n you! Are you trying to k**l me when I’m already ill?”

D**n it! It was five kinds of dungs combined together…

Dax suddenly felt so unwell and only wanted to get the pill out from his throat now. It was so disgusting!

Nancy glared at Darryl as she rushed forward and gently patted on Dax’s back. “Darryl, you are…

Darling, are you alright? I’ll pour you a glass of water…”

What was Darryl thinking? How could he let Dax ingest such a disgusting thing?

Darryl did not explain further and just stood there smiling.

A few seconds later. “Dear, stop patting me.”

Suddenly, Dax started to feel his hands and legs! A few seconds ago, he was still trying to spit out the pill, but was now just like a hyperactive child! He did a backflip before jumping out of bed such that even his legs were moving!?


Dax could not even do a backflip before he was wounded!

Nancy was astonished. “Dax, you…”

Doctor Shelly clearly stated that Dax was severely injured with his hamstrings broken. It was lucky for him to be alive, but he would have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

What happened?! Dax not only stood up just fine but even did a backflip?

This was unbelievable! Nancy would not have believed had she did not see it with her own eyes. She was shaking with excitement by now, but it did not end there.

Dax took a step or two before starting to run around the ward like a monkey, jumping and hopping around. He did not seem to be injured at all!

“I can move! My legs have recovered! Fully recovered! Haha!” Dax hugged Darryl tightly while laughing with joy. “Wow, Darryl! You’re good at this! This pill works like magic! I didn’t eat sh*t for nothing!”

Darryl was overwhelmed with joy too but pushed Dax away with a look of disgust the moment Dax hugged him. “D**n it, your breath stinks like sh*t. Stay away from me…”