The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 244

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 244 – Donoghue let out a sigh as he thought. ’D**n it, I just got Lily for myself and haven’t even tried her out yet. Now, I’ll have to give her away?’

In order to get hold of the Accelerating Pill, he had no choice but to sell Lily out. “Alright, Lily Lyndon is yours!”

“Not bad, not bad. You’re a smart man. Once I get hold of this woman, you’ll get hold of the Accelerating Pill. That woman is comparable to those celebrities with such fair skin and s**y body!” Galvin reassured with a lustful smile.

Donoghue nodded. “Of course, Lily is a famous anchor who I’ve spent quite a fortune trying to ask her out. She’s yours if she pleases you!”

Donoghue took out a small packet of white powder and sprinkled it into Lily’s drink upon saying that.

A narrow alley opposite Dynasty Bar was filled by a bunch of men dressed in black.

More than two hundred Eternal Life Palace Sect disciples gathered here while being led by a burly man—the Vice Hall Master, Caelan.

Meanwhile, an Audi R8 pulled over by the alley and Darryl emotionlessly walked out from the car.

“Hall Master, everyone’s here.” Caelan walked over and reported to him with respect.

Darryl nodded. “Very well, you’ll wait for me here. I’ll signal you when it’s time,” Darryl instructed as he was unsure of the situation inside the bar.

Darryl strode into the Dynasty Bar after saying that. This new bar was opened a few days ago, hence it was filled with people. The dance floor was crowded with dancing men and women, alternating lights, and loud music blasting from the speakers. Darryl looked around but could not find Lily, so he went on to the second floor.

Meanwhile, Lily was being pressured by Donoghue to drink the wine which he drugged when she was away. Her face instantly turned red once she finished the glass of wine a strong wave of helplessness followed suit.

It was strange. Although she was not a drinker, she did not usually get drunk from just one glass of wine. Lily bit her lips while trying to stay conscious.

However, Galvin sat down next to her when he noticed she was about to pass out and started playing with her hair. “Oh my pretty lady, are you drunk already?”

“Get your filthy hands off me!” Lily scowled with her face filled with disgust.

Galvin became more excited instead of removing his hand and started touching her face. “Tsk tsk tsk, my girl is so feisty, I like it! Haha! So domineering, I really like it!”

“You!” Lily was disgusted and wanted to push him away but realized she had no energy left to resist.

Her hands and legs were getting heavier such that she could not even raise her arm! What just happened?

“Donoghue, please ask him to leave me alone!” Lily yelled.

However, Donoghue seemed unperturbed while sitting by the side and shook his head. “Oh, Lily. Why don’t you spend a night with him?”


Lily thought she was hallucinating and stared at Donoghue without blinking. “What are you saying!”

Donoghue repeated himself. “I’m saying, why don’t you spend a night with him? I’ve drugged your drink earlier, so you can’t feel your legs and hands.

Lily, spend a night with him and I’ll pay you twenty million bucks after this.”

“What!? How dare you!?” Lily yelled with disbelief and wanted to immediately leave, but she could not feel her legs nor her hands.

Galvin already had Lily in his arms by then with his hands groping her waist. He look a sniff of her and said, “Haha! My girl smells so good! Come here, let me k**s you.”

“Go away! Go away!” Lily yelled through her gritted teeth.

She should not have trusted Donoghue, but it was too late now.

Galvin’s lips almost touched Lily’s as she shut her eyes in despair with tears started rolling out of her eyes.

Suddenly, a man rushed into the room and pushed Galvin away.

Darryl grabbed Lily’s hand and questioned with a dark voice, “What are you doing here?”

Lily was surprised to see Darryl while her tears uncontrollably rolled down her cheeks. “I… Darryl, please bring me home… Bring me home…”