The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 241

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 241 – “Madam, is this ‘Shadow Skill’ cool?! ” Darryl asked excitedly.

Monica answered with a smile. “This is a memoir to be exact.”

Huh? A memoir?

Darryl’s face stiffened with confusion. Was she kidding? How was a memoir supposed to help him steal the scripture?

Meanwhile, Monica calmly explained, “Eight hundred years ago we had a Heaven Cult’s follower who earned the title of First-Ranked Godly Thief during the Song Dynasty. He was gifted with a pair of skillful hands that enabled him to steal from anyone he pleased without being noticed.”

At this moment, Darryl had already understood what the memoir was about. It was this thief’s memoir. According to Monica, this thief who was able to earn the title of Godly Thief must be very skilled.

“What happened then?” Darryl was excited and wanted to know more.

Monica poured herself a cup of tea. She continued after a sip. “He would get anything he set his eyes on. Back then, there was a famous incident when all the treasures in the palace were stolen overnight. It was done by this Godly Thief.”

‘D**n! That’s so awesome!’ Darryl was amused. When he was learning antique appraisement during his primary school years, he was also interested in history and had learned about this palace incident from books. He knew the palace guards back then were very skilled, so for anyone to not be noticed by those palace guards was something unachievable.

However, the Godly Thief managed to do so without anyone noticing.

Monica continued. “A Godly Police had started chasing after the Godly Thief due to the numerous committed crimes by him, but the Godly Police had been unable to catch him after many years.

Coincidentally, the Godly Thief fell in love with the Godly Police’s daughter.”

Though, he didn’t know that girl was the Godly Police’s daughter. One day, the Godly Thief was stealing from a rich merchant house and the Godly Police who knew beforehand had waited for him in the house. Unfortunately, he accidentally k****d the Godly Police when the Godly Thief tried to escape.”

It wasn’t until later when he visited the girl that he discovered he had k****d his future father-in-law.

The girl could not take any revenge on him as she loved the Godly Thief so much and died two years later.”

After losing the girl, the Godly Thief suffered in agony and swore to G*d he was never going to steal again. However, he did not want his skills to vanish in the world, so he decided to compile his experiences and knowledge into his memoir.”

This memoir was kept by Grandmasters since then. One year ago, our Grandmaster was afraid I would get bored on this island, so he gave me this memoir.”

With that, Monica smilingly said, “Now, I’ll hand it to you. I hope it’ll help you in the future and it’s up to you how much you’ll gain from this memoir.”

“Thank you, Madam!” Darryl answered calmly while his heart pumped excitedly.

There was such a beautiful and touching love story behind this memoir.

“Alright, this memoir is now yours. Go home and study it,” said Monica whose heart fluttered slightly as she suddenly recalled what happened last night. A pink blush appeared on her face. Darryl nodded.

Around ten minutes later, Monica arranged for a boat to send Darryl back to Donghai City.

‘Haha… I’m finally back! D**n, it wasn’t easy at all! ‘ Thought Darryl as he laid on the boat languidly while enjoying the sea breeze with an eased feeling.

The Heaven Cult Island was beautiful with an amazing view despite making Darryl feel trapped somehow. However, he did gain some benefits from his island trip. With that in mind, he felt happy as he had taken away some spiritual herbs with him on top of having a good time with Monica.

’Oh, the Godly Pill.’

He suddenly recalled he was now a Level Five Master and excitedly took out a Godly Pill before ingesting it.


He put the pill into his mouth without hesitation and sat still with anticipation.


A strong current erupted from his energy field half an hour later. As he opened his eyes, two rays of bright light shone from his eyes.