The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 237

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 237 – “Mistress, what’s this?” Darryl grabbed the green ginseng and asked curiously.

Monica looked at it and said, “It’s called the Jasper Ginseng. It’s a type of rare ginseng that can increase a cultivator’s power. The Cult Master gave it to me.”

Monica smiled and continued, “I shall bestow this ginseng to you as a reward for saving my life.”

Darryl was full of excitement. His power was at the rank of Level Four Master.

He would first ascend to Level Five Master after consuming the ginseng then ascend to the rank of Master General by consuming the Godly Pill.

’Haha, that’s perfect!’ thought Darryl. He was incredibly delighted and immediately ate the entire ginseng without a second thought.

“Did you just eat the entire thing?”

Monica was stunned with a worried look on her face. “The effect of this ginseng is very potent. You can’t directly eat it. You have to steep it in boiling water and only drink the solution once a month.”


It was meant to be steeped?

“Mistress, you should’ve told me this earlier!” Darryl cried out! Darryl could have stopped even if Monica mentioned it two seconds before!

Darryl was concerned. “Mistress, what’s gonna happen to me since I’ve eaten the whole thing?”

Was Darryl going to d*e?

‘Please be anything but d***h!’ thought Darryl.

Monica shook her head with uncertainty. “I don’t know either. No one has ever consumed the Jasper Ginseng in such a manner.”

Darryl sighed. He tried to ignore this matter and focused on freeing the Cult Mistress.

Darryl grabbed the scissors and walked toward Monica. Suddenly, he felt that his entire body was extremely cold as he arrived next to Monica. It was as if he was tossed into a freezer!

“It’s so cold!”

Darryl shivered as a layer of ice started forming on his hair!

This was without a doubt the effect of misusing the ginseng!

The Jasper Ginseng was an extremely potent spiritual herb. It was meant to be steeped into a solution but Darryl ate it whole. The latent power within the ginseng was instantly released into Darryl’s body. It was impossible for him to bear it!

“It’s so cold, so cold!”

Darryl shivered continuously, but the cold feelings soon rapidly receded only to be replaced by an indescribable burning sensation.

Darryl now felt as if his entire body was set ablaze! “Aah!”

At this moment, Darryl felt like he was being incinerated! The painful burning sensations caused him to yell and roll on the floor.

“Mistress, what’s going on? It’s hot, so, so hot!” Darryl exclaimed.

“I… I’m afraid you’re going to have a psychotic break,” replied Monica with a frown.


Psychotic break?

Darryl was stunned and felt completely hopeless upon hearing those words.

A psychotic break was a cultivator’s greatest fear!

Countless legendary cultivators had died because of a psychotic break!

“This feels unbearable!” Darryl uncontrollably rolled on the ground in pain! He could feel his body heating up and immediately took his clothes off as he felt like he was going to catch on fire.

“Darryl, what are you…” Monica’s beautiful face instantly blushed.

Darryl suddenly looked at her after hearing her voice!

“I feel so hot, it’s like I’m burning!” roared Darryl as he felt a fire slowly building up in his energy field! The immense heat caused his mind to go blank.

Darryl stared at the Cult Mistress and pounced on her in a flash!

“Darryl, keep yourself together. I’m the Cult Mistress, how dare you behave so crudely! ”


Darryl ignored her words and simply tore off her long dress.

Monica was still tied up and could not fight back. At that moment, Darryl’s lips kissed her without any “Mmph!” Monica could not help but make a sound as she tightly bit her lips.

Donghai City.

Lily had just finished streaming and dressed up in preparation to head out. Her best friend had called her earlier and invited her out shopping.

Although the weather outside was great, Lily’s mood was not.

Dax was badly injured in the incident last night at Dynasty Bar when his men rushed to the scene.

Donoghue had Lily leave first as the situation was in complete chaos.