The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 233

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 233 – Darryl was sweating at that thought. Practicing secret manuals in private was forbidden in the martial arts world. Darryl had no means of escape if that was truly the case.

Darryl was surrounded by thousands of disciples with each of them being the sect’s cream of the crop such that not even a fly could escape.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to interrogate you. I just want you to verify a certain matter. Did you rescue a dozen or so ladies three days ago?” said Monica with a smile.


Darryl’s expression instantly froze as he was a little confused.

Darryl eventually recalled Chester had kidnapped about a dozen women and gave them to Darryl for his personal pleasure but Daryl released them.

“Do you know who those ladies are?” asked Monica in a gentle tone.

Darryl scratched his head and said, “Madam, I don’t know their true identities. I only know they are members of Grandmaster Heaven Cult. My first thought was to find a way to release them and guarantee their safety.”

“Good, good. You did well.” Monica nodded and praised Darryl. She looked at him with a beaming smile and continued, “Grandmaster Heaven Cult is destined for greatness if we have loyal disciples like you, therefore I invite you here today to reward you.”

’D**n it, all this just to reward me? Their method of rewarding me is f*cking special. Tying me up in a sack and bringing me all the way here!?’ Darryl was unsure if he should laugh or cry.

At that moment, Monica raised her hand and a gentle wave of internal energy pulled Darryl’s and lifted him to stand upright.

“Those ladies are Oracle candidates for Grandmaster Heaven Cult,” said Monica.

The Oracle was a unique position in Grandmaster Heaven Cult as there could only be one at any time. That person must be proficient in the beliefs and ideologies of Grandmaster Heaven Cult whose main responsibilities were to spread the cult’s teachings and recruit new disciples.

The Oracle was considered Grandmaster Heaven Cult’s mascot. Their status was second only to the cult master and mistress.

However, an Oracle had no real authority but was still highly respected by the cult’s followers.

Darryl was delighted upon hearing that. Never did he imagine he would bumble his way into a great deed. It would have brought much dishonor to Elysian Island were those Oracle candidates violated.

The Oracle was the mascot for the Cult’s disciples after all.

Thankfully Darryl did not succumb to his lust. Otherwise, today would be the end of him.

As Darryl internally rejoiced, Monica laughed and said, “You’ve done a great deed for us, and from what I’ve heard, Donghai City’s Skyler Burr has relinquished his Hall Master position to you.”

“However, the Hall Master position is unworthy for such a talented man like you.”

Monica slowly raised her hand as she finished.

The servant girl beside Monica immediately walked in front of Darryl and bestowed him a jade slip.

Monica smiled and said softly, “I hereby declare from today onward, Darryl Darby is an Elder Master of Grandmaster Heaven Cult.”

Grandmaster Heaven Cult’s Elder Master!?

Everyone at the plaza was in an uproar upon hearing Monica’s words. Thousands of shocked eyes instantly focused on Darryl with admiration and envy.

Darryl was in disbelief as well. Elder Master? This title was rather intimidating.

’Is this status very high?’

Darryl’s mind was filled with questions as he held onto the purple jade slip.

It was well-known the hierarchy of Grandmaster Heaven Cult begins with the Cult Master and Cult Mistress at the top followed by Yin and Yang Messengers, Four Guardian Kings, and the Hall Masters.

However, there was one more position in the cult which was Elder Master.

The status of an Elder Master was second to the cult master and mistress. However, the Elder Master actually possessed real authority and power!

“Mistress, the position of Elder Master has been left vacant for so long because we couldn’t find a suitable candidate. Although Darryl is talented, he’s only a Level Four Master and simply not strong enough. How could he be able to bear the responsibilities of an Elder Master? Please reconsider this, Mistress.”

At that moment, a burly man stood up from the side and said in a panic.

This burly man was the Black Tortoise—one of the Four Guardian Kings, Sheldon Schwarz.

He glanced at Darryl with contempt as he spoke.

Sheldon started as a mere disciple years ago and only after relentlessly working hard and achieving various accomplishments did he slowly arrive at the position of the Black Tortoise.

“You’re just a mere Hall Master. It’s unacceptable for you to rise through the ranks in an instant and become an Elder Master,” said Sheldon.

Several people around started voicing their opinions upon hearing Sheldon’s words.

“That’s right. Darryl’s power is only average. He won’t be able to handle such an important role!”

“True and he’s also too young and reckless. He needs more training!”

“Cult Mistress, please reconsider this!” Thousands of people knelt down and prostrated.