The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 231

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 231 – “Lily, don’t worry. I’ll get rid of this pest immediately,” said Donoghue with a grin as he waved his hand. “Everyone, get him.”

In an instant, a dozen men pulled out their knives and rushed toward Dax!

Dax was horrified. He hastily pulled out an axe to defend himself.

However, how can one man defeat a dozen!?


The whole room instantly fell into chaos.

Lily’s pretty face was full of distraught. She had never seen such a b****y scene before.

Donoghue smiled and comforted Lily. “Don’t be afraid, Lily. They’re just removing the pest, it’ll be fine soon.”


A knife struck Dax on his back accompanied by a loud noise. His skin and flesh were torn apart as blood came gushing out!

“Gah!” Dax howled loudly in pain. Although he was a battle-hardened man, he was no match against attacks from all sides!

Dax endured the pain, swung his axe, and knocked out two of those men.

However, half a dozen men started surrounding him again and relentlessly swung their knives at Dax.

Dax’s body was bloodied as he was struck countless times. Eventually, his vision faded, and he collapsed on the ground. It was unknown whether he was d**d or alive.

Not long after, several men in black dragged Dax’s bloodied body and tossed him out of the bar.

Meanwhile, Nancy continuously tried to call some numbers on her phone outside the bar.

She made dozens of calls yet none of them were answered. Eventually, she remembered Old Master Sanders was having a family meeting and all of Dax’ s men must be in the meeting.

Nancy was terribly worried. She suddenly thought of Darryl and immediately called him.

The call was answered soon enough.

“Darryl, come quick! Dax is in trouble! ” Nancy had already shouted till her throat went sore before Darryl could react.

On the other side of the phone.

Darryl was lying and resting on his office sofa. He immediately got up when he heard those words. “ What’s going on? Calm down and slowly tell me!”

“Come to Dynasty Bar, Dax had been attacked and is now unconscious!” Nancy cried out.


Darryl instantly had a serious look on his face. He hung up the phone and quickly left his office.

It was ppm and the employees of Platinum Corporation had left long ago. Darryl bumped into a man just as he exited the company’s main entrance.

However, the man remained still while Darryl almost fell from the impact.

Darryl was in a rush so he simply apologized and tried to go around the man.

At that moment, the man grabbed onto Darryl and said, “Is an apology enough for bumping into someone?”

The man’s tone of voice was peculiar and Darryl lifted his head to take a look at him. The man was wearing a black trench coat and a cap with its brim positioned rather low. Darryl could not make out the face of this man.

“I’m sorry, I’ve got an emergency. You must be an employee here. I’ll give you a promotion tomorrow,” said Daryl as he tried to go around the man again.

The man chuckled faintly with no signs of allowing Darryl to pass.


Darryl furrowed his eyebrows. “I’m in a rush, please excuse me.”

At that moment, Darryl felt an overpowering aura emanating from the man! Even though the man deliberately held back, it was still pretty strong.

“Move aside, I’m in a rush!” Darryl’s tone of voice had a hint of impatience as he was rushing to rescu.

The man chuckled faintly again. “Don’t be so rash, my master is looking for you.”

“Master?” whispered Darryl to himself.

Darryl rejected the man without a second thought. “ I’m not interested. I have important matters to attend to.”

Darryl refused to entertain the man any further and left after finishing his words.

As Darryl was about to leave, the man immediately pulled a huge sack and covered Darryl’s entire body!

Motherf*cker, another sack!

The man proceeded to strike Darryl on the back of his head with his hand causing Darryl’s vision to spin and soon fainted.

Darryl did not know how long he was unconscious. All he knew was that he felt light-headed when he opened his eyes.

‘Which f*cker tied me up?’ Darryl’s eyes were red. Dax was struggling between life and d***h but Darryl was not there!