The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 230

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 230 – “I don’t care who you are, but Lily is my friend’s wife. I assure you that you would not be able to leave Donghai City in one piece if you put your hands on her.”

Dax stared at Donoghue coldly. “How can you do something as despicable as drugging a woman?”

Donoghue maintained his smile; he still looked very calm.

On the other hand, Lily panicked and tried to explain. “Dax, there must be a misunderstanding. He’s my friend; he won’t do such a thing.”

Donoghue was well-mannered, and he was a gentleman.

How could he have ill intentions toward her? It was impossible.

Dax looked at Lily earnestly. “Trust me. He isn’t a good person.”

Dax pointed at the broken glass on the floor. “I saw him slip d***s into your glass when you were in the washroom! He wanted to trick you! Come with me.”

Dax gripped Lily’s arm.

To Dax’s surprise, Lily resisted and took a step back.

“Dax, I trust that Donoghue is a good man. I’m not a little girl. I know how to judge people. Please, mind your own business, and don’t bother with min. ” Lily bit her lips.

Donoghue had lavished her with gifts during her live streams, and he even stood up for her when a hater spread nonsense about her on the internet.

How could he be a bad person? Dax almost lost his patience. ‘What the h**l is wrong with Lily?’

She chose to trust a stranger than him, her husband’ s close friend?

Dax’s tone became even firmer as he thought about that. “No, you need to come with me. Does Darryl know that you’re meeting this guy?”


Lily felt conflicted when she heard his name.

She thought that Darryl was in p****n somewhere after her family tricked him and chased him out of the family. She could not find him when she needed him the most, so she did not hold any hope for him anymore.

In comparison, Donoghue was so much better than her husband.

Lily lost her interest to explain herself when she thought about that. She walked toward Donoghue and turned herself away from Dax as she bit her lip.

Donoghue, who was silent, finally spoke in a soft voice, “Lily, is this Dax bothering you?”

Lily did not reply; she nodded silently.

All she wanted was for Dax to stop disturbing her and Donoghue; she wanted him to leave.

Donoghue nodded and smiled. “Alright, I’ll get rid of him.”

He clapped his hands once. Swoosh.

Burly men in black attire immediately stormed into the booth and stared at Dax with a cold, menacing gaze.

‘He called his men?’

Dax furrowed his brows and sneered, “You want to get your hands on me? Do you know who the f*ck am I? No one dares to be this brazen to me in the whole of Donghai City!”

Nancy rushed to the scene and shouted, “What the h**l is going on?”

‘Does he not know who Dax is even though he is in Donghai City? How absurd!’

Donoghue maintained the smile on his face as he said to Dax, “I don’t care who you are. This is my bar, and you are in my territory. You are the first person who dares to cause trouble here. I can’t just let you off even if you are a g*d because you bothered Lily.”

Donoghue raised his arm as he said that. His men immediately moved toward Dax!

Indeed, Donoghue was the eldest son in the Dixon family, an influential family in Yunzhou city, the provincial capital!

When she realized that the men would fight with Dax, Lily was hesitant, but she chose to keep quiet. She bit her lips and turned the other direction as if she had nothing to do with all those people.

“How dare you!” Nancy was worried and angry at the same time.

“Dear, you should leave. Call the others,” Dax said in a calm tone; there was no hint of fear on his face.

Nancy had encountered many situations when she was with Dax. She knew that she would not help if she were to stay there; she might even bring more trouble to Dax. The smartest thing to do was to call for help.

The tension in the booth peaked. They were ready to confront each other at any moment.

Dax was not worried at all. He walked toward Lily and grasped her hand. “You have to come with me; you are Darryl’s wife.”

Lily flung Dax’s arm away in annoyance. “I said that Donoghue is a good person. Stop bothering me!”