The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 229

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 229 – Dax Sanders and Nancy Lee gave each other astonished glances at the opposite booth on the first floor.

‘What’s happening? Why is Daryl’s wife on a date with another man?’

Dax was cautious after Nancy’s fortunate escape when someone attempted to kidnap her; he stayed with her all the time.

He brought Nancy to the bar that night because some housing developers had invited him. They were interested in a piece of land, but some stubborn residents had refused to move.

The developers wanted to ask for Dax’s help to chase away those residents.

Dax did not expect to see Lily after his discussion with the developers.

“Is that really Darryl’s wife?” Nancy furrowed her brows.

She was not sure because she did not have a clear vision; there was a glass between them.

Dax sighed and answered, “I’m sure. Look at her Worship of Crystal; there are only two pairs of those in Donghai City.”

Dax noticed that Lily was a little drunk. She got up from the couch and went to the washroom.

He saw Donoghue smile as he took a pack of white powder and poured it into Lily’s glass.

Dax’s face fell when he saw that.

‘Is he trying to d**g my friend’s wife? Is he crazy?’

“Dear, stay here. I’m going to take a look,” Dax said before he walked out of the booth hastily.

Nancy nodded.

There were not many who dared to challenge her husband in Donghai City, so she was confident that the man would leave as soon as Dax warned him.

Lily left the washroom and returned to the booth.

“Cheers! This is a joyous day, indeed.” Donoghue smiled and raised his glass.

Lily nodded. She was not good at drinking, but she was in a good mood that day.

She raised her glass, toasted with Donoghue, and proceeded to take a sip.

A figure stormed into the booth at that exact moment and grabbed Lily’s hand.


Lily could not react in time, and she spilled her drink.

“Dax Sanders?”

Lily panicked when she saw Dax; she knew he was close to Darryl.

Then, she figured that her relationship with Darryl was already over, so she should not feel embarrassed about it.

Lily regained her composure and furrowed her thin brows. “Dax, what are you doing?”

“You can’t drink this.” Dax’s tone was stem. He fixed his gaze on Donoghue as he spoke. Donoghue stared back at Dax silently.

It went on for a few seconds before Donoghue smiled. “My friend, who are you? What is going on? ” His tone was calm without any hint of panic or anger.

Dax’s gaze tensed.

‘He is really something.’

An average person would be flustered when his plan to d**g a girl was foiled.

Yet, he was exceptionally calm.

No man without an impressive background could be that composed because manners could not be faked.

“Who are you?” Dax asked him back.

The smile on Donoghue’s face remained as he answered in a neutral tone, “My name’s Donoghue Dixon.”

Donoghue Dixon?

Dax had never heard of that name.

There were no families in Donghai City with the surname Dixon. That man had to be from an influential family; his acts did not seem like an average person at all.

There was a Dixon family in Jiangnan, not too far away from Donghai City. It was a place called Yunzhou City. The Dixons were a powerful patrician family; every single member of the Dixon family was a cultivator, and their influence was everywhere.


Was Donoghue Dixon from that Dixon family?

Dax had to admit that the Dixon family had power. However, he must be crazy to hit on his friend’s wife!