The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 226

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 226 – Abby utilized her connections and power to look for those Godly pills everywhere but to no avail.

A Godly pill was sold at an extremely high price of five billion bucks at the Roger family’s auction.

Abby did not attend the auction, and she regretted it immensely when she heard the news.

She was willing to give five billion, even 20 billion bucks, to achieve the Master General level. She was willing to sell her house, car, and even her company for it as a breakthrough to another level was a cultivator’s lifelong target!

Darryl had a few of those pills in his palm! The Godly pills were so rare that not even the major sects have them!

Abby was overwhelmed with delight!

However, Darryl smiled sinisterly as he dodged Abby’s hand before stuffing those pills into his mouth all at once.


He had swallowed all of them.


Abby shuddered and glared at Darryl before she emitted a m*******s aura.

“Are you f*cking with me?”

Abby was extremely furious, and she wanted to whip him another hundred times!

He had swallowed the rare Godly pills, a few of them at once!

It was such a waste! The main effect of those Godly pills was to aid a cultivator in breaking through blockades.

As a Level Four Master, the pills do not affect Darryl, so they were wasted.

“Do you wish to d*e?” Flickering lights transformed into a long sword in Abby’s hand before she pointed it at Darryl!

Darryl spoke coldly when the tip of the sword was about zo centimeters from his heart, “You will never get a Godly pill if you k**l me.”

‘F*ck you! Do you think I’d give you the pills just like that when you had struck me with a whip for zo times? I’d rather waste all of them! ‘

Abby jolted and stopped the sword when she heard that.

“You already ate those pills; there’s nothing left.

Are you lying to me?” Abby said in an icy-cold tone; her delicate face was grim.

Darryl smiled faintly. “They’re just Godly pills. I have as many as you want.”


‘He has as many as I want?’

Abby stared at Darryl without blinking.

Godly pills were considered a rare panacea for cultivators! Even some Elders from the Six Orthodox Sects and Clans were stuck and could not break through because they could not get their hands on a Godly pill.

Yet, Darryl said that he could have many pills? ‘Does he really have it, or is he tricking me?’

When he saw how Abby changed her expression so quickly like a fool, Darryl felt somewhat satisfied with the revenge.

Darryl had no intention to chat with her. He grabbed a container, which was clearly from the Qing dynasty, but Abby had used it as decor. He walked to the kitchen and placed the ingredients for Godly pills into the container before cooking them.

A Godly pill was the easiest pill to make because the ingredients could be obtained easily.

Abby frowned. “What are you doing?”

“You will know soon.” Darryl was too lazy to explain. He continued making the pills in a professional manner; Abby was dumbfounded.

Alchemy required understanding and experience.

Darryl had gained mastery within that period, so his level had increased.

A Godly pill would usually require more than three hours to make.

However, he only needed less than an hour at that time.

Darryl proceeded to open the porcelain container with a smile when he sensed the medicinal aura in it.

There were already two Godly pills in the container. A faint medicinal scent gradually filled the room.

‘What?! Did he practice alchemy to concoct the pills? And he succeeded?’

Abby was completely taken aback; the shock was written on her face, and her body quivered.

Darryl looked at her with a smile; he had the two pills in his hand before he stuffed one of them into his mouth! “You!”

Abby stomped her foot in panic. ‘Why did he do that?! There’s only one left in his palm!’

“Darryl, please! Stop eating it! Give it to me.”