The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 225

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 225 – Abby smiled lightly and looked at Darryl. “Yes, you did save me at the wedding, but I gave you the Spiritual herb in return. You wouldn’t be a cultivator if it weren’t for the herb. My debt was cleared long ago.”

Darryl was helpless. He smiled bitterly and said, ” Fine, since it is already cleared, why did you kidnap me?”

Abby sipped her wine and said calmly, “Are you really that oblivious, or are you just acting dumb? My brother sent his men to kidnap Dax Sanders’ wife, but you interrupted them. You really do have some b***s for interfering with our family’s business.”

She stared at him, coldly.

The tension in the room was suffocating. ‘So, it’s because of that.’

Darryl was amused, and he stared right into Abby’s eyes. “Dax is a friend of mine, so his wife is also my friend. Of course, I had to interfere.”

Abby grimaced as she splashed the wine onto Darryl’s face.

Darryl cursed internally as he got angry. He could not free himself as his limbs were tied tightly.

He l****d the wine from the corner of his lips and smiled as he suppressed his anger. “Miss Guy, this is not how you buy someone a drink”.

Abby snickered. “Stop fooling around! We’ve been planning to kidnap Nancy Lee for a long time, yet you ruined everything and hurt my subordinates! Do you like getting into other people’s businesses? Fine, I’ll let you know what happens when you are nosy.”

She took out a whip from the desk as she spoke.

She was furious not only because Darryl had stepped into her business.

The bald man who led the troop to kidnap Nancy was Abby’s cousin named Pete Yames.

Pete had failed to kidnap Nancy, and Darryl had also beat him up. He was in recovery in the hospital.

Abby had always adored her cousin, so she would not forgive Darryl easily.

‘F*ck, that woman is vicious.’

Darryl’s expression changed when he saw the whip in Abby’s hand. ” Abby Guy, you’re going too far.”

“Am I?”

Abby smiled as she held the whip in her hand. Her eyes mocked him. “I’m going too far? You are the one who ruined our plan and hurt our men!”

She struck the whip as soon as she said that! Crack!

The whip stuck Darryl’s shoulder, and the wound immediately bled.

‘The f*ck! She’s really going for it?!’

Darryl gritted his teeth, but he did not scream. His eyes bulged red from the pain!

“Abby, I can choose not to interfere, but you have to promise me not to bother Dax after this,” Darryl said coldly after he took a sharp breath.

Abby laughed and looked at Darryl with great interest. “You’re funny. Do you think that you are in a position to discuss terms with me?”

She raised the whip and struck Darryl again.

Crack! Crack! crack!

The strikes were crisp and loud! Darryl managed to endure the pain as he gritted his teeth for the first few strokes, but he could not take it anymore after that. He shouted, “Abby Guy!”

He wanted to curse, but it was too painful to speak!

Sweat covered Darryl’s face, and his clothing was drenched with blood!

Abby stopped after more than zo strokes and said smilingly, “Darryl, you gave my brother a Godly pill. You have more, don’t you?”

“Why don’t you give me one of those, and I’ll let you go. I’m in a good mood today.”

“You want a Godly pill? No problem, I have some with me. Untie me, and I’ll get it for you,” Darryl said with a smile.

Abby smirked and loosened Darryl.

Darryl was gravely injured from the whippings, so she was not worried that he might trick her.

“Where’s the pill? Give it to me.” Abby extended her hand and said in a cold tone after she untied Darryl.

Darryl stretched and replied faintly, “What’s the hurry?”

That woman was ruthless.

However, he was not worried about his injuries because he would recover fully after he took some pills.

Darryl cursed internally as he took the last few Godly pills that he had on him. The pills looked extremely tempting as they sat on his palm and emitted a faint medicinal scent.

Abby shuddered, and her gaze became intense. “Give them to me.”

Abby had been stuck as a Level Five Master, like Brandon, for the past few years.

She had tried various ways throughout those years to have a breakthrough, but she did not manage to do it. She was anxious and frustrated about it.

Then, she learned that Brandon had obtained a Godly pill from Darryl and had a breakthrough to Level One Master General.