The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 206

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 206 – Chester’s face twitched intensely. He could take it no longer. He stood up, glared at Trent with bloodshot eyes, and said, “We all live under the same roof, what’s the matter with you?!”

He had never suffered like this at the Eternal Life Palace sect, who would dare bully a high-rank member like him?

“Wow, the nerd is angry, and I dare say a little snobbish!” Trent jeered.

Then he slapped Chester across the face.


It was not too big a hit, but everyone heard it.

Chester clenched his fist. He stayed silent for almost a minute, then with m*******s intent said, “ When I leave this place, I will k**l your entire family.” He swept Trent and his men with his deadly glare.

Everyone gasped. This nerdy weakling’s threats were actually terrifying.

Trent came to his senses, spat on the door, and said, “B****y f*ck, are you threatening me? You b*astard.

He rushed forward and was about to hit Chester when the female p****n guard stopped him. Then, he decided to leave things be. Until midnight.

It was bedtime, and the lights were off. Darryl was about to sleep when he heard footsteps. He opened his eyes slowly—he saw Trent and his men headed toward Chester’s bed, and in their hands were thick hemp ropes. They were going to k**l him.

Indeed, what the nerd said this afternoon was a little frightening, as it seemed like he was not joking. A nerdy guy like him, being able to throw threats like those made Trent worried. Thus he decided to get rid of him once and for all. Fighting in p****n was a norm since there was no one to keep the order.

Trent pounced at Chester. Choking him with the rope, he said, “F*cker, weren’t you great at threatening? I’d like to see how you do that now! I’ m going to k**l you first!”

Chester was gasping for air, face flushed. He struggled to move as Trent was stronger than him. If it went on any longer, he would have died within a minute!

Darryl smiled to himself on the bed, he waited for a while before rescuing Chester. He counted to 3 then stood up lazily.

“Please keep your voices down, people are sleeping,” Darryl said with a smile.

Chester’s eyes were already rolled over, showing only the whites.

“Darryl, f*ck off, this has nothing to do with you,” Trent threatened.

Darryl shook his head, he said, “Guys, you have been bullying him the entire day, yet you still don’t want to give it a rest? I can’t take it any longer.”

Darryl then served two punches.


The two simple punches hit two huge men, both passed out.

F*ck? How is he so powerful?

Trent —not paying attention to Chester anymore— ordered, “Get him! He’s only one guy, what are you all waiting for! Go!”

The group of men rushed forward.

Darryl smiled calmly, then rushed to meet them as well. His punches were like cannonballs. Within half a minute, the group of them were on the floor, howling in pain.

“Darryl, you…you…” Trent said as his sweat flowed profusely. His face was bruised. How did this live-in son-in-law get so powerful in a few days? He was only a Level Two Master previously, now he was a Level Four Master?!

Upon hearing the commotion, the female guard came to the scene at once. She was stunned. Trent was defeated? She rubbed her eyes to make sure she was not hallucinating. Trent was a martial arts champion, no one dared to offend him here. How could he have been beaten up so badly?

The p****n guard looked at Darryl with disbelief! This person was no ordinary thief!

“I dare you to be a p***k one more time, I’ll beat you up every single time I see you,” Darryl walked toward Trent and kicked him.