The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 203

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 203 – “I’m not his sister but I know him well. He would never do such a thing!” Shelly said gently.

“But the facts are facts. He did commit theft,” said the police. He turned to Darryl’s parents and said, “ Your son really did steal some phones.”

The undercover action was highly secretive, no other person should know about this. Hence, according to their standard operating procedures, they needed to inform family members.

Luna tensed as she said in disbelief, “Darryl stealing phones? Impossible. He is the president of a corporation and is highly successful. Why would he do such a thing? This has to be a mistake.”

Daniel—on the bed—was flustered. He chimed in, “ Yes! This must be a mistake. Darryl despised thieves ever since he was young. Why would he become one?”

The police handed them the file and said professionally, “That I wouldn’t know, but if you think we got the wrong person, please have a look at the file.”

Luna and Daniel were floored when they saw the photo of Darryl wearing an inmate uniform.

The Lyndons.

Lily was in the living room, she wore a demure long dress, seated in front of her computer, singing on her live stream. She looked exceptionally charming.

Samantha smiled widely as she accompanied Lily. Lily has garnered many views on her live stream platform recently. She started off with a few hundred fans and in just a mere few days, the number increased to a few hundred thousand! The speed of growth in viewers was a first for the live streaming platform.

Just now, Lily’s mysterious fan Hill appeared. He sent her ‘gifts’ worth a few hundred thousand that caused Lily’s live stream to become so popular, it appeared on the main page of the app.

Lily was extremely excited, she wanted to thank

that person. Sadly, every time he finished sending ‘ gifts’, he would go offline immediately.

“Lily, it looks like you’ve got a fan that loves you very much. He must be the boss of a huge company. You must maintain a good relationship with him,” Samantha said joyfully.

Lily nodded, if it weren’t for Hill, she would not have earned so much money.

“I realized that even though you have not appeared on your live stream for a few days, you are still equally popular. Longya Live Stream Platform keeps on recommending you as well, why?” asked Samantha.

Lily replied cheerily, “I guess it’s because I’m pretty?”

Both of them chuckled. Samantha added, “It must be! My daughter is the prettiest.”


At that moment, Lily’s phone rang. Looking at the caller number, Samantha and Lily looked at each other in bewilderment.

110? Emergency number? It must be a scam call.

“It must be a scammer! Let’s see what I’ll do to this caller,” Samantha said, then answered the call on loudspeaker.

“Hello, is this Ms. Lily Lyndon? I’m calling from the City Police.” A man’s voice came through.

They knew her name! Looks like was not a scam after all.

“I am, what is the matter?” Lily answered.

“Your husband Darryl Darby has been arrested for his crimes,” the police officer explained clearly. What?

She asked anxiously, “What did he do?”

“He stole two iPhones. When he was apprehended, Darryl confessed immediately and was forgiven by the store owner. However, he has been sentenced to two months of j**l time for his crime. As his wife, we have an obligation to inform you,” explained the police officer, then he hung up.

Samantha could not help but laugh. She said, “Lily, look at this l***r! See what he’s done now! Stealing iPhones? Such a disgrace! A man like him has fully functioning limbs yet he steals? I tell you, leaving him was the greatest decision you’ve ever made.”

“But…” Lily bit her lip. She could not believe that Darryl would do such a thing. However, it was the police that called, how could it be lake then?