The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 197

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 197 – The young girl’s face darkened. Her grandfather has only a ten percent chance of survival in the hospital, how could she risk it? She glared at Darryl, then approached her grandfather and prepared to follow Darryl’s advice.

At this moment, Yvonne pulled on her hand to stop her. She turned to Darryl and asked, “Darryl, are you sure? This has to do with life and d***h.” Yvonne was immensely worried.

Darryl laughed, he said, “It will be fine. My solution will yield a much greater result than at a hospital.”

The young girl then crouched next to her grandfather. She applied pressure on the Way of the Spirit Acupoint with her left hand, and on her right, she did the same for the Transporter Acupoint. At the same time, she cultivated her Internal Energy, trying to flush the poison out.

The crowd was silent, but many cultivators were shaking their heads in disapproval. They thought that Darryl was full of nonsense! They agreed with the young lady, that putting pressure on the two Acupoints was a huge taboo. If it was not done well, it could k**l. These two crucial points should not be simply touched imless one has a d***h wish!

The most anxious person in the room was Zack. He felt like his heart was about to explode. If the old man was not cured, not only will he not be able to settle this, his entire family would be in danger too. He found it strange that an Elixir pill like that could be so harmful.

He clenched his fist tightly, silently praying that the old man would wake up. There was no other way—he would have less than a ten percent chance of survival if they sent him to the hospital now. Darryl’ s method was the only chance of reviving the old man.

After some time, the old man’s facial color came back. He started breathing normally.

There was a collective gasp among the cultivators— it worked?

Though the old man was not awake yet, it seemed like the danger had passed. The young girl let out a sigh of relief, she walked toward Darryl andnodded, “Thank you. May I know your name?”

Although Darryl saved her grandfather and she was grateful for it, her tone was still ice cold. That was the extent of the pride that was embedded deep in her bones.

“Well, he got b****y lucky! Saved someone through trial and error!” Tristan jabbed.

Dax—who was quiet all these while —could take it no longer, he yelled with rage, “B****y f*ck are you done or are you crazy? The old man was saved, yet here you are with your useless commentary. F*ck off, you annoy me!”

Dax felt that Tristan was like an annoying fly buzzing. Tristan fumed with rage, he replied, “Who are you calling crazy!” He had not paid back for Dax punching him previously.

Dax said no more, he flipped his switchblade and approached Tristan.

Nancy, his wife, held him back. She said, “Dear, don’ t get angry, calm down.” Nancy knew about Dax’s temper. If he does not agree with someone, he uses his knife to intimidate them. Although, if Dax were not so b****l, he would not be firmly seated at his current status.

“Ok, akight, you watch out, you, watch out…” Tristan was scared half to d***h, he lost all his sharpness in his tone.

Witnessing this scene, Darryl laughed but said nothing.

Zack approached Darryl and said, “Brother, I am grateful to you. My name is Zack Roger, it was thanks to you that we averted the crisis just now.”

Zack extended his arm out to Darryl, and said, “If you don’t mind, let’s be friends? Call me Zack.”

“Sure,” Darryl replied and shook his hand firmly. Darryl and Zack hit it off at once, he felt that Zack was a man who wore his heart on his sleeve.

Darryl could no longer hide his curiosity, he asked, “ Zack, who was that grandfather and granddaughter duo just now? Why did you bow, upon seeing her token?