The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 195

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 195 – A young man in a suit approached the commotion.

“What’s going on?” he asked. The man who inquired was Zack Roger, the eldest son of the Roger family. He managed the entire auction.

Upon seeing Zack, Julian let out a sigh of relief, and said, “Zack, this old man passed out. The young girl insists that it was due to the Godly pill that we auctioned off.”

Zack frowned and laughed coldly at the girl. He said, “Miss, I understand how you feel right now, but the items that we auction are genuine.”

Roger’s Auction has been held for the past few years, and there were no issues then. If this man passed out, it must have been due to his health.

Zack was the eldest son of the Roger family, he had no fear.

“Stop talking and help me save my Grandpa! If anything happens to him, I will finish off the Rogers!” the young girl said threateningly.

Though not loud, the entire crowd heard her clearly. They shuddered. How powerful is this seemingly cute young girl?

Zack laughed and said, “Miss, there is no use in threatening me. As the manager of the auction, I feel for your granddad, but there is nothing we can do but call for an ambulance. You want to threaten me, you’re too young for-”

What?! zack was suddenly speechless. He saw a gold token on the young girl’s hand.

He was floored. He trembled with fear and apologized, “I’m so sorry! I’m obviously blind.” It was a one-eighty change in attitude.

The young girl spoke coldly, “My grandfather is a Level Five Master General, he has a strong body. If anything were to happen to him today, I will make sure that your family disappears from the face of the earth! ”

“Understood, fully understood.” Zack nodded. He then yelled, “Doctor! Quick, save this man!”

What? Why did he change his attitude so quickly?

All eyes were on the young girl’s token. It was made of pure gold with life-like humans and beasts carved on it.

Who was this young girl that made one of the Rogers bowtow?

Darryl frowned. He did not expect that in such an

auction, there would be many powerful people among them.

“Let me have a look.” A petite silhouette with high heels approached Zack. It was Shelly Sullivan, the Chief of Staff of the hospital! She was known as Donghai City’s miracle healer.

Zack had called a few medical staff to station at the auction in case of any medical emergencies. Since she was free today, she decided to come.

She was stationed backstage. She did not pay any attention to the auction, playing on her phone. It was when she heard someone yelling for a doctor, that she approached with a few other nurses.

Upon seeing Shelly, Darryl smiled.

“Thank g*d for you Chief Shelly! Please take a look at this old man! ” Zack was extremely agitated.

With Shelly here, Zack felt slightly relieved. Otherwise, if anything happened to the old man, the Roger family would be unable to bear the responsibility!

Shelly used her stethoscope on the old man. After a minute or so, she frowned and said, “Looking at his situation, it should be due to the consumption of a bad d**g. That resulted in a blockage in the brain which caused his body to stop functioning.

The young girl said nothing as she glared at Zack. This was obviously due to the Godly pill!

The crowd murmured in discussion, so it was the Godly pill after all!

Zack was almost in tears, he pleaded, “Chief Shelly, I beg of you to save this old man, please!”

If anything were to happen to the old man, his family was done for.

Shelly shook her head, she said, “This situation is fairly complicated. There are not enough medical supplies here and my hands are tied. The best way is to send him to the hospital, where I can operate on him, but…I’m afraid it is too late. In his current condition, the success rate of the surgery would be about lo percent or so at best.”