The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 192

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 192 – The auctioneer hammered his gavel to get everyone’ s attention.

He yelled, “The Godly pill, starting from one billion, let the bidding begin!”

The crowd clamored, trying to outbid one another. In mere minutes, the price of the pill went up to four billion!

’What the f*ck?’ Darryl was shocked. He previously sold his Godly pill to Brandon at two billion, and to Zachariah —whom Brandon introduced—at three billion. There he thought he made a fortune.

Who knew that this pill could go much higher in an auction! The bidding has climbed to four billion, and there was no sign of it stopping anytime soon.

Dax was about to bid when Darryl pulled him back. He asked in confusion, “Darryl, what are you doing?”

Dax was determined on getting his hands on the pill no matter what. He does not want to be stuck at Level Five Master for his entire life! The Godly pill is such a rare item, that no matter how much money he spent, he must have it.

Seeing how Dax was all hot-headed, Darryl shook his head, “Dax, don’t join in the crowd. The Godly pill is real, but its spiritual aura is all gone. It has lost its effect. Furthermore, the pill is one-third poison. The spiritual aura that balanced it out is gone, yet the poison remains. Consuming it will only bring more harm to you.”

Spiritual aura gone?

Dax was bewildered. He sat down, looking astonished. He asked, “Darryl, how do you know?”

This friend of his constantly surprised him.

’I’ve made the pill myself countless times, of course I know,’ thought Daryl.

He laughed, “I can’t tell you much for now, you’ll just have to trust me.”

Dax nodded—he trusted Darryl with his life.

Tristan who sat next to them overheard their conversation. He burst into tears laughing. He pointed at Darryl and said, “Darryl, I find that you are one special person! You shamed me for not being able to get The Worship of Crystal, now you claim that the pill is fake! Were you tortured so badly at Lyndons that you’ve gone mad? Are you trying to cause trouble at this auction or are you just pretentious?”

Tristan’s laughter caused quite a few people to look at him.

Darryl calmly replied, “What’s that got to do with you, you can’t even afford it.” Tristan to Darryl was just a laughing stock.

Tristan was struck dumb. He saw that a few were looking at him, so he rebutted coldly, “Yeah I can’t afford a few billion, but you? I bet after bidding for the The Worship of Crystal you’re broke, I estimate you have about two hundred left? Haha!”

Tristan was not satisfied with his rebuttal. He shouted at the crowd, “Everyone! This live-in son- in-law claims that the Godly pill on stage is a fake!”

Everyone burst into laughter.

“This dude is a live-in son-in-law? What is happening these days that anyone can enter this auction?”

“Yeah, and he spews nonsense.”

Looking at the commotion, a young man accompanied by a few guards approached them. The young man is Julian Roger, the auction coordinator.

He said, “Sir, please be quiet.” Julian was polite but As the coordinator firm. of this auction, he wanted to ensure that the auction went as smoothly as possible.

Tristan shrugged, he said, “You’re mistaken. I’m not the one making noises. Someone else is trying to cause trouble at your auction.

He pointed at Darryl, and said, “This guy, he said that your Godly pill is a fake. If you don’t believe me, ask him.”

At that point, Yvonne was a little panicked. She said to Julian apologetically, “Mr. Roger, I’m so sorry, we will be quiet. They are just joking. I’m sure the items at your auction are not counterfeit, how could they be?”