The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 191

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 191 – “Alright, I’ll stop. This is just for his own good.

This live-in son-in-law needs a little teaching, that’ s all,” replied Tristan.

Darryl ignored his remarks. He snickered and sent Pearl a text.

At the same moment, the auctioneer hammered his gavel, he yelled, “Ninety million for the lady over there! Going once, going twice, going-”

“One hundred million,” Pearl interjected calmly as she raised her hand.

The crowd gasped. A hundred million for a pair of high heels? Is she mad? Are women all mad?

Everyone gawked at Pearl. She was graceful and elegant in a professional business outfit that made a few men swoon. There was a saying that goes ‘A good horse deserves a good saddle’—it is only natural that such a gorgeous woman like Pearl deserves The Worship of Crystal!

Though Pearl seemed calm, she was trembling with excitement.

She received instructions from Darryl to bid for The

Worship of Crystal at the very last minute. Although she knew that the pair of heels are not meant for her, but to be able to bid for the President is equally exhilarating.

Pearl was unsure as to who The Worship of Crystal is for, but once the auction ended, she decided that she was going to try it on and take a couple of photos, which was more than enough for her.

“One hundred million, going once, going twice, going thrice, SOLD to Ms. Hahn!” The auctioneer could barely hide his excitement.

The crowd exploded into applause.

Yvonne bit her lip in disappointment. It looks like she will never be able to own a pair of The Worship of Crystal.

The next item up on the auction table was a small, intricate wooden box. When the auctioneer opened the box, everyone was stunned.

A dark Elixir pill sat in the box. At such a high-end auction, the Elixir pill must be extraordinary.

“Everyone, I know that there are many cultivators among us todday. So, may I present you the highlight of this auction!” said the auctioneer.

He continued, “This Elixir pill is called the Godly stuck at a Level Five Master, or a Level Five Master General, this Godly pill can help you break through! This pill is extremely rare and magical.”

The crowd murmured in excitement. Everyone knew that the journey of a Cultivator is arduous and challenging. Many were stuck at a specific level for their entire life and could not ascend further.

Hence, this Godly pill is not only extremely rare and magical but also priceless.

Dax was equally excited as welL Two years ago, he reached Level Five Master but has been stuck there ever since. According to his grandfather, some people peaked at Level Five Master and did not break through for the rest of their lives. However, if you’re lucky, you could break through within three years. Sadly, the majority will remain stagnant.

The main reason Dax came to this auction was for this Godly pill.

‘Godly pill ‘ Daryl squinted. He frowned.

Darryl was familiar with the process of the pill production, he even had a few left with him.

Nevertheless, the one currently being sold looks different from the one he extracted, also the pill was lacking in some spiritual aura.

In such an exclusive auction, the pill could not be a fake. However, Darryl suspected that the Godly pill had been kept for too long, that it would not have any much of an effect anymore.

When Darryl thought about it, he obtained the manual of Infinite Elixir near an ancient graveyard. He believed that not many would know how to extract the pill these days. Therefore, the current pill being auctioned must have been made a long time ago and kept in storage for a few decades, or perhaps even centuries, thus the effect of the medicine must be long gone.