The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 189

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 189 – Kingston scowled as he gave Tristan a stern look.

Tristan understood him instantly and marched over, “Oh, look. Isn’t this Lyndon’s live-in son-in- law?” As Tristan spoke, he put his arm around Yvonne’s waist, “Yvonne, why do you bother greeting him? He’s nothing but a live-in son-in- law! ”

Yvonne stomped her foot as Tristan approached her suddenly. “What are you doing? Darryl, please don’t take this the wrong way.”

Tristen smiled and asked her, “Yvonne, so what if he takes this the wrong way or not?”

“Dude, do you know me?” he glared at Darryl. “I’m Tristan Zink My family and I are in the jewelry business. We own the five ’Zink Jewelry’ stores in Donghai City. One more thing; I like Yvonne, so stay away from her! ”

No wonder he sounded so boastful; he was in the jewelry business.

Darryl laughed it off, not caring the slightest.

Meanwhile, the crowd made their way into the hall as the auction began.

“It’s funny that a live-in son-in-law can come to a place like this,” Tristan mocked. “Is this somewhere you can even afford to be at?”

“Is there a rule saying that I can’t be here if I don’t have money?” Darryl laughed. He understood the man was Yvonne’s suitor. Tristan was trying to flaunt his wealth in front of her. Naturally, he treated Darryl as an enemy.

“Haha! You’re right. A poor man can come too,” Tristan laughed, staring Darryl in the eye. “As you can tell, I’m a generous man. I don’t mind lending you some cash if you want to buy something later on since you’re a friend of Yvonne.”

“Oh, really? That’s so kind of you,” Darryl grinned.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Tristan responded. “A poor man like you lacks money. A rich man like me doesn’t lack any. Why don’t you call me ’Daddy’ and Yvonne ‘Mommy’? I’ll pay you two million bucks right now. What do you say?”

Darryl smiled in response. Dax, who was standing beside him, could not hold it in any longer. “What’s wrong with you?” he snapped.

Dax has always had a bad temper, especially now that someone was looking down on Darryl. He could not stand it any longer, wanting to teach Tristan a lesson.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Even a live-in son-in-law has helpers, eh?” Tristan sneered. He was not afraid since he did not know who Dax Sanders was. He assumed that a friend of Darryl would be just as useless.

With that in mind, he inched his head towards him.

“C’mon, try hitting me. Hit here; this part of my head!” he pointed to himself. “If you dare to lay a finger on me, you’d better be prepared to spend the rest of your life in p****n, you—”


Dax threw a punch right on his head. “F*ck!”

Tristan growled as his head swelled up.

“You better watch out!” Tristan yelled, “Once the auction is over, I want to see the two of you laying on the floor!

Dax punched him so hard that he almost fainted.

“Tristan, that’s enough! Stop fooling around!” Yvonne interjected as she marched in her heels into the hall.

“Yvonne, wait up!” Tristan yelled.

The hall was as spacious as four basketball courts combined. It was almost full as the attendees were of the highest class in the country.

Pearl sat in the front row as a representative of the Platinum Corporation. Darryl decided not to sit with her, instead choosing a random seat with Dax and his wife.

Yvonne walked over. “May I sit here?” she whispered.

There were two reasons why she wanted to sit there. Firstly, she wanted to seek his advice on auctioning the antiques. Secondly, she really missed him.

“Yvonne, the seats in front have a better view. Shall we go over there?” Tristan followed her swiftly. He glanced at Darryl out of the comer of his eye.

What was so attractive about this live-in son-in- law? What was it about Darryl that made Yvonne put down her pride, following him around like a student?

“No need. I’ll sit here,” Yvonne replied, unfazed. Tristan had no choice but to sit by her side.1

The seats were filled by almost a thousand attendees. It was indeed a grand auction.

Not long after, the event finally commenced. They began with some ordinary jewels and antiques, with the starting price being only a few thousand bucks. As the heiress of an antique business, Yvonne was uninterested, having already seen them all.