The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 187

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 187 – What now?

Lily stood there, panic-stricken with her lips pursed.

Suddenly, a shocking scene appeared on the screen. A crazy person sent groups after groups of gifts on her platform, which summed up to two million bucks!


The entire platform went into an uproar! Giving out two million bucks worth of gifts in one go? Could it have been a billionaire?

Lily shivered with gratitude as she looked at the name of the person: Hill.

After donating the money, the user ’Hill’ commented on the platform.

[You don’t have to do anything. Sing if you feel like singing.]

The ’Donghai Boss’ shut up instantly.

Reading what ‘Hill’ wrote, Lily was overwhelmed with gratitude. Just as she was about to stand up to she saw that the ‘Hill’ user already left thank him, the platform.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“President, may I enter?” A voice asked. “Come in.”

Pearl entered with a pile of documents in her hands. “President, I’ve made arrangements regarding Lily Lyndon’s live-streaming platform.

Here is our monthly revenue report. Please have a look.”

Darryl skimmed through the documents and smiled, “Hmm, not bad at all!”

He had to admit. Pearl was very capable. She increased the profits of the corporation.

After receiving the compliments, Pearl smiled and took on the opportunity to ask, “President, Roger’s Auction is happening tonight. Are you interested in dropping by? They’ve sent us an invitation earlier today.”

’Roger’s Auction? What kind of name was that?’

Darryl thought to himself.

“Nah, not interested.”

“President, this is not just any auction,” Pearl hastily added on. “It’s hosted by the Roger family.”

Darryl frowned. He had heard of the Roger family.

They were considered a big family, but most of their investments were not in Donghai City.

Meanwhile, Pearl continued, “According to them, they will not only be auctioning rare jewels, but also many treasures unknown to the world. In addition to these, real estate, license plate numbers, and so on are also being auctioned. I think it might be worth your time.”

With that said, Pearl looked at Darryl with anticipation.

Pearl wanted to attend the auction since half a month ago. She knew that they would be auctioning a pair of ’The Worship of Crystal’ limited to ninety- nine pairs in the world. Like any other girl, owning this was her dream, but she still could not afford a pair of these with her current financial ability. All she wanted to do was steal a glimpse of the pair in the auction.

Seeing the look of anticipation on Pearl, Darryl considered for a while and nodded, “Fine, you can go with me.”

“Thank you, President.” Pearl chirped. She felt immensely lucky to be working for such a kind- hearted boss.

Yvonne Young felt somewhat depressed the past few days. She did not know why, but the thought of Darryl kept entering her mind. The image of him appraising the antiques, the looks of him fighting the sharks, his bravery of saving everyone, and being hurt by the robbers. Even while he was covered in blood.

The deeply-embroidered scenes kept flashing in her mind like a curse. She could not help her heart from beating so quickly whenever she saw him. It had been almost half a month since she last heard back from Darryl. She wondered if he had recovered; she wondered what he was doing. Yvonne felt as if she was ill, uninterested in anything happening beside her.


Meanwhile, her father, Kingston, rushed into the living room.

“Why are you daydreaming at home again? Let’s go! I’ll bring you to an interesting event.”

Kingston noticed that Yvonne had been feeling

under the weather and wanted to cheer her up.

“Dad, I don’t feel like going out,” Yvonne mumbled.

Kingston smiled, “You’ll definitely want to go to this auction. Have you heard of Roger’s Auction? There will be lots of antiques being sold in this auction. Who knows, we might come home with a few treasures. Also, aren’t you in love with ‘The Worship of Crystal’? According to them, they will be auctioning a pair of those too.”