The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 186

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 186 – Darryl stepped forward. Instantly, the crowd held their breath, praying for the man. The President could fire him after getting caught playing on his phone.

“What are you watching?” Darryl smiled, stopping in front of the staff member.


The staff heard Darryl’s voice and almost dropped his phone as he staggered. He quickly composed himself and blurted, “President.”


His phone screen caught Darryl’s eyes. A woman was live-streaming herself, exuding an unspeakable charm that would drive men crazy.

On the live-streaming page, only a few people were watching. The atmosphere was good—with praises refreshing the page non-stop.

[My goddess is too beautiful.] [Your voice is so intriguing!]

[Does my goddess need any assistance?]

Darryl was amused yet confused as he looked at the screen. This ’goddess’ was his wife, Lily. Why was she live-streaming at this hour? Was she not supposed to be busy with her company work? In the past three years of their marriage, she never really got involved with social media. Why did she live- stream out of the blue?

With that in mind, Darryl eyed the staff in front of him. “Who is the female anchor live-streaming?” Darryl asked, already knowing the answer.

“P-President…” The staff stuttered. He thought Darryl would yell at him, but he had only asked who the female anchor was.

Meanwhile, another staff beside them answered carefully, “President, her name is Lily Lyndon. She’ s a new anchor. I heard she’s from Donghai City and that she just started live-streaming a few days ago.”

Darryl nodded, glancing at Pearl, who was standing by his side.

“Pearl, help me find out what happened to her. Why did she start live-streaming?”

“Yes, I’ll look into it right away,” Pearl picked up her phone to make some calls.

In the afternoon, Pearl knocked on his door. “President, I’ve done a background check. The female anchor was Lily Lyndon. She was kicked out of her family business two days ago.”

Huh? Kicked out of her family? Granny Lyndon’s age had caught up to her.

Pearl was shocked. “President, is everything okay?” she asked carefully.

Darryl calmed down, shaking his head. “I’m fine,” he reassured. “This live-streaming platform… Do you know anything about it?”

“Yes,” Pearl nodded, “This is the Longya Live Streaming Platform. The owner is a partner of ours.”

Darryl nodded. “Akight, find ways to make her popular.”

“Understood,” Pearl answered, leaving his office.

After she left, Darryl took out his phone and created an account on the Longya Live Streaming Platform. He nicknamed himself ‘Hill’, since Darryl rhymes with Hill.

There were a few people on her platform. She was naturally beautiful. With the filter, Lily looked like a fairy in disguise. As Darryl entered her platform, a fan named Donghai Boss’ sent a group of planes worth twenty thousand bucks!

Lily was excited and stood up to thank him, “Thank you, Donghai Boss!”

In the past few days of live-streaming, this was the first time someone had sent her twenty thousand bucks worth of gifts.

The ‘Donghai Boss’ left a comment. [Goddess, dance to a song.]


“Sorry, I…I can’t dance,” Lily apologized.

The ‘dance’ they were referring to was not an ordinary dance, but the s**y and seductive kind.

The ’Donghai Boss’ was not pleased.

[Goddess, are you not aware of the rules in this platform? Right now, I’m the highest paying viewer. You have to do whatever I tell you to do as long as it’s not against the law, understood? I gave you twenty thousand bucks. Do you want to get kicked out of the platform?]

Other viewers on her profile sided with him.

[He’s right. He did pay you twenty thousand bucks!] [Do you think you’re that chaste?]

[Dance, dance!]

Lily pursed her lips, standing up unwillingly in her mini-skirt. They did have a point; he did pay her a large sum of money. If she rejected him, nobody would send her gifts again in the future.

Everyone was anticipating excitedly, thinking that they would finally be able to watch Lily dance. Her fair and long legs were so alluring!