The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 172

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 172 – “Dad! Dad!” Darryl yelled with his eyes red as he cut the rope loose with his sword and held his father in his arms.

Meanwhile, Daniel’s body was completely ruined. His body emanated a burnt smell as his skin and clothes swirled into a mixture of blood and flesh.

“Son…son. Tell me, did you do it? Did you do such a thing?” Daniel mumbled with his pale white lips as intense pain overwhelmed his body, and he trembled.

“I didn’t. I didn’t!” Darryl cried, his face covered in uncontrollable tears.

“That’s..good…” Daniel said with all his remaining strength.

With a faint smile, his eyes shut. They didn’t know if he was d**d or alive.

“Dad! Dad, don’t scare me. Please, don’t scare me!” Darryl screamed till his voice was hoarse. He shook Daniel vigorously, but there was no response.

“Stop yelling. It doesn’t matter if your dad is d**d; he deserves it!” Yumi walked in her heels, pointing her finger at Daryl. “You grew up in the Darby mansion since you were young. Now you’re back here with a bunch of men to cause trouble. Aren’t you scared of being struck by lightning?


Instantly, Darryl stood up slowly with his eyes as red as blood. He walked toward Yumi one step at a time.

“Wha-what’re you doing!” Yumi trembled at the sight of his gaze.

She would never forget his gaze for the rest of her life. It was terrifying.


Darryl swung his hand and slapped Yumi hard and violently across the face. He used all his strength in his slap. In the next instant, Yumi flew across the air for at least ten meters before landing on the floor again.

“Ahh!” she spat out blood.

Without letting her stand up, Darryl slapped her  and again, and again!

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The clapping sound was crisp and ringing. It terrified everyone in the hall. Old Master Darby dropped his walking stick, his chest rising and falling vigorously, as he staggered and struggled to stand up. It was as if his throat was blocked, and he could not speak a word.

“Darryl, how dare you hit your sister-in-law?” Florian yelled as he picked up a stick and hit Darryl.


The stick broke into two pieces when it hit Darryl’s body as if it was as strong as stone. Darryl turned his head slowly.


He slapped Florian, sending him flying in the air before he knocked against the wall at the far end of the room and slid down like a puddle of mud.

However, before his feet even touched the ground, he felt a strong grip on his neck. Darryl’s lips curled into a faint smile as he strangled Florian’s neck tighter and harder. Florian was struggling to breathe, his face turning purplish-blue.

“Three years ago, you claimed that I stole our money and kicked me out of the Darby clan. But who ‘d have known that every penny of the eight million bucks I used to buy oil stocks was mine. They had nothing to do with you!” Darryl started, with no emotion on his face.

“You…” Florian was almost out of breath. He wanted to resist, but he had no strength left in him.

“One month ago, I invested 30 billion dollars in the Darby clan. All of you claimed that I had evil plans, but little did you know that all I wanted to do was pay back the kindness you all showed me when I was young. Even if you mistreated me in the past, it didn’t mean that I should do the same to you. Now a week ago, Jackson’s wife was assaulted, and you all accused me! I said it wasn’t me, but nobody f*cking believed me!” Darryl screamed irrationally. His words rang in the hall.

All eyes were glued on Darryl, and nobody said a word.


Darryl released his grip, and Florian’s body fell to the floor. He took in breath after breath, his hand holding onto his throat uneasily.

Meanwhile, Dax Sanders’ men had beat up all the Darby clan members, and they laid helplessly on the floor.

Silence. Complete silence. You would probably be able to hear a pin dropping to the floor.

“I, Darryl Darby, was raised and nurtured by Grandpa. Right now, my father could be alive or d**d,” Darryl said with the sword in his hand and his voice projecting with power as it resonated in the hall.

He clenched his fists, the nails stabbing his flesh till it bled, but he did not feel any pain. “If my father is alive, both of our debts and favors are wiped clean. If my father is d**d, I want everyone in the Darby clan d**d.”


Lightning struck, followed by heavy rain. Darryl marched out of the mansion with his father in arms.