The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 164

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 164 – “Kent, thank you…” Megan mumbled. She felt inexplicably moved as she hugged Kent. She bit her lips and said softly, “Kent, you’re so brave.”

Kent had previously taken the Godly pill and was now a Level One Master General. However, it was still tough to beat three armed robbers. Alas, he managed to do it.

Lily, on the other hand, felt dejected. She had hoped that Darryl would be the one to rescue her.

Never did she imagine that it would be Kent.

Meanwhile, on the bus, Darryl’s lips had been drained of color.

“Darryl, you’ll be alright; you gotta hang on,” Dax muttered anxiously with bloodshot eyes.

“Darryl? What happened to you?” Lily got on the bus in shock upon seeing the situation in front of her.

Did Kent not say that he had already subdued the three robbers?

Why was Darryl injured?

Darryl felt a sharp pain in his chest and had difficulty breathing. He could not speak, merely smiling to express that he was fine.

However, Darryl’s blood had already drenched his clothes and was flowing on the floor!

Kent said nonchalantly, “Darryl wasn’t strong enough, yet he wanted to provoke the robbers. Of course, he would be injured. I could’ve subdued the robbers myself even without his interference.”

Kent spoke ambiguously to cover up his actions. Lily did not question it further but instead sighed internally.

Dax became furious and instantly pointed at Kent, shouting, “F*ck you! Shut the f*ck up!”

This brat Kent did nothing when the robbers were tying up the women; he was as scared as a mouse. Now that the danger was over, he came up with all these ridiculous remarks.

What a joke!

Darryl was worried, knowing that this brat was trying to act cool again.

Darryl wanted to speak up, but his vision turned dark as he fell unconscious.

Donghai City First Hospital.

Previously, Darryl’s father had a sudden heart a****k. After a few days of treatment, Daniel’s condition has improved. However, he was not allowed to be discharged until after at least a week of observation.

Shelly felt appreciative of Darryl after she became the Chief of Staff. She frequently visited the old couple, even arranging the best ward for them. She would chat with them whenever she had the time.

That afternoon, the old couple had just woken up from their nap when they heard a knock on the door.

Luna happily opened the door, thinking that it was Shelly. Once she opened the door, a group of men barged into the room wielding steel pipes. Florian was leading them!

“Are you two old farts fit to stay in such a nice ward?” shouted Florian.

This ward was probably the best in the entire hospital. There was even a television in the room.

Daniel looked unwelcoming. “What are you doing here? If you’re looking for my son, then go ahead. He hasn’t visited for a few days.”

After all, Daniel was Florian’s elder. It was rude of Florian to not greet his uncle.

Florian laughed haughtily. “What use do I have for your useless son? Today I’m here looking for you lot!”

Florian spoke to the burly men as he finished his words, “Go, tie up these two old farts!”

“Florian, this is too much!”

Daniel’s face went red as he coughed a few times. He stared at Florian and said, “There’s not a slither of manners in you toward your elders… bringing so many people here to cause trouble. Get out.”

The burly men did not care and had already rushed toward the old couple and seized them.

At that moment, the door to the ward opened up. In a white coat, Shelly hastily stepped into the room on her heels and shouted with her pretty face.

“What are you guys doing? This is a hospital ward, not the streets!”

Although Shelly was wearing a white coat, it could not hide her graceful figure.

Florian’s eyes were wide open as he checked her out. “Director Sullivan… Oh, sorry. It’s Chief Sullivan now! It’s only been a couple of days, but you’ve become even more attractive. I haven’t congratulated you on your recent promotion.

Perhaps we can have a meal someday?”

“No, thanks,” Shelly spat. “Let go of the old couple now! Daniel’s condition can’t be agitated!”

‘You’re just the chief of staff in this hospital, yet you dare pretend to be proper with me?’ Florian thought.

Florian was not in a rush. He would get his chance with her eventually.

“We can’t let them go. The Old Master wants to see them.” he spat.

The Old Master?

Daniel’s body trembled as he mumbled, “Dad… Has he ended his seclusion?”

“What does that have to do with you?” Florian snickered. “You’re no longer part of the Darby family. Grandpa wants me to bring you guys back for questioning. He wants to know how you raise a brute like Darryl. Do you understand?”

After Florian had finished his words, the burly men forcefully dragged the old couple out!