The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 163

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 163 – The atmosphere in the bus was tense, remorse heavy in the air. They should have listened to Daryl and prevented the siblings from coming up the bus!

Alas, it was too late for regrets!

Lily, Megan, Yvonne, and Nancy could clearly be seen through the windows. They were tied up tightly against a tree.

It was an ancient tree over a hundred years old; its thick trunk could not even be wrapped around by a dozen men. The lush canopy was like a giant umbrella. Thousands of branches hung beneath, shrouding the surrounding area.

The twin brothers were salivating with excitement at the sight of these four beauties tied up in front of them.

Meanwhile, Minnie grew anxious as she waited on the bus.

The three siblings had planned the steps of this operation in detail earlier. They even accounted for the duration, which would take no longer than half an hour.

Minnie did not expect her brothers to be suddenly overcome by lust.

Minnie was helpless as she was just the younger sister. “Bro, hurry up!” she snapped.

Darryl clenched his fist upon hearing Minnie speak. He knew this was his chance. In an instant, Darryl stood up and threw a pimch at Minnie!

Darryl clenched his fist as she spoke. He took his chance, standing up in an instant to take a swing at Minnie.

Dax stood up at the same time. Bang!

Darryl’s destructive punch firmly struck Minnie’s body. Minnie could not react in time, flying out the bus door accompanied by a faint shockwave.

Dax dashed forward to pick up the pistol Minnie dropped.


Minnie spat out blood as she harshly fell onto the ground.

She never imagined that someone would fight back!

Minnie felt immense pain in her chest, immediately falling unconscious.

“Bro, looks like something happened to sis!” Timmy exclaimed. It seemed that he lost his stutter under distress.

“Let’s go check it out!” Hugh ran toward his sister. Upon seeing her unconscious, he flew into a maddening rage!

The siblings had lost their parents at a very young age and relied on each other as they grew up. They had a strong affection for each other.

“Motherf*ckers! You lot are d**d—so f*cking d**d!” Hugh roared. He whipped out a gun and opened fire at Darryl.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The glass windows of the bus shattered. The passengers on board were startled and quickly laid prone on the floor.

Darryl bit the bullet and rushed toward Hugh with his fists.

Everyone woald be d**d if he did not act now/ The twin brothers had lost their minds; there was no point in hiding anymore!


A bullet had penetrated Darryl’s shoulder as he let out a muffled groan. Blood continuously poured out from the wound.

“Darryl! ”

Dax’s eyes were burning red with anger. He rushed toward the twins, punching both of them.

Barn! Barn!

The two punches struck the twins firmly on the head. The immense force rendered them unconscious immediately.

Dax was famous for his willingness to k**l. He was also a cultivator with the rank of Level Five Master!

“Darryl, are you alright? You gotta hang on!” Dax held onto Darryl red-eyed.

It was not easy for Dax to meet a comrade like Darryl. He could not bear losing him.

The people on board were dumbfounded at what just happened, unable to recover their senses.

At that moment, Kent quickly ran down the bus toward the huge tree. “Meg, Meg! Don’t be scared, I’ m coming to save you!”

Kent was relieved when he arrived at the tree, seeing that Megan’s clothes were still intact.

Good thing they were not violated.

“Meg, you must be terrified. It’s alright, I’m here now,” Kent chuckled as he loosened the ropes on the women.

Megan was surprised and looked at Kent. “What happened to the three robbers?”

The robbers were armed. How did Kent manage to get over here? She even heard gunshots!

Kent pounded his chest and said, “You were captured, so I had to fight them, of course! Thankfully, Darryl and Dax had some morals left in them and helped me take down the three siblings. Meg, it would be another great deed from you once you bring those three robbers back to the police station!”