The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 162

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 162 – Darryl nodded, holding in his laughter.

“I’m warning you. Don’t mess around. Hand over your m-m-money, and you’ll be fine!” Hugh snarled. After he finished speaking, he hastily walked toward William with a grim look on his face.

“It’s a misunderstanding. I’m not calling the police. I don’t have my bank card with me, but I can transfer you the money through my phone.”

William was extremely nervous, sweating profusely as he explained himself.

Hugh did not even bother to listen to William’s explanation. He snatched the phone away and violently smacked William on the head.

“F*ck you. Who are you trying to fool?” Hugh brutally scolded William as he continued hitting him.

Even if William was not planning on calling the police, the transfer would expose Hugh. He got mad, thinking that William was trying to trick him.

“Ouch! Stop hitting me!” he cried. “I really don’t have my card.”

William wailed as he was beaten; blood was streaming down his cheek. “I truly don’t have my bank card!” William groaned.

The people on the bus were frightened. Some of the girls were tearing up seeing William’s b****y face. Hugh was ruthless.

While the crowd was terrified, Megan felt regret and immense guilt in her heart.

Darryl had previously rescued a student and a lady that he had never met at the bank. Why did Megan still doubt his compassion?

It did not matter. It was too late now.

Lily bit her lip and gave Darryl an apologetic look. Why did she not trust him just now?

Everyone obediently swiped their cards, terrified after seeing what happened to William.

Over o of them aboard the bus had swiped their cards. Timmy nodded contently, but he noticed Lily and Megan upon leaving. There was a gleam in his eyes.

“B—b—bro, I saw two p—p—pretty girls.” Timmy walked over toward Megan and grabbed her hand, caressing it.

These rich girls were different from ordinary people. Their skin was soft and supple.

Megan struggled to free herself, feeling embarrassed.

Timmy waved his gun, grinning upon feeling Megan ‘s resistance. “S-s-stop struggling b-b-baby, or else I might accidentally fire my gun.”


Megan bit her lip tightly. She was a formidable warrior from the Emei Sect. Her power had reached the rank of Master General, yet she did not dare to put herself at risk. Her opponent has a gun in his hand.

Megan panicked, looking at Kent on reflex

Megan was disappointed as she saw Kent as still as a rock. He was even more afraid than her.

“I’ve found a beauty too. She’s pretty hot,” Hugh grinned as his gaze locked onto Nancy, who sat beside Do

Nancy was wearing a crop top and a short denim skirt. She was unbelievably s**y with a phoenix tattoo on her back.

Hugh was fixed on having this tattooed beauty today.

Hugh silently swallowed his saliva and pointed at Lily, Megan, Nancy, and Yvonne. “Tie up these beauties. Today, we’re gonna have some fun. F*ck, I ‘ve never had a rich girl before. Sis, stay on the bus and keep an eye on these people! Your brothers will be back soon.”

Timmy grinned, aiming his gun at Lily and the rest. “Q-q-quickly get off the bus, nice and easy. D-d- don’t make me hurt you.”

The twins were ecstatic. Not only did they rob them, they were also going to get a taste of these wealthy beauties. What a great haul!

Lily and the girls went pale in fear. Their legs were weak and trembling, but still, they were forced to get down the bus.

“Megan, Megan… Don’t be scared. I’ll save you.”

Kent built up the courage to shout. However, his voice was trembling as he was still struck with fear. There was no substance to his words.

Megan turned back and glanced at him. She bit her lip tightly.

It did not matter if Kent was simply putting up a show. His words gave Megan some comfort in her heart.

When the ladies got off the bus, they were tied in a circle around a tree.