The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 157

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 157 – The usually high and mighty Megan did not know why she would say something like this. Her face instantly blushed upon finishing her words and it was extraordinarily enchanting under the moonlight.

Darryl furrowed his eyebrows. Even after hearing Megan’s words, he had no intentions of saving Kent!

This brat was rotten to the core. He attracted a real shark to a****k during the day and almost cost someone their life. There was no way Darryl would forgive him.

“Please, Brother… Please save him…” Megan

repeated herself softly as she rocked Darryl’s arm.

Kent felt a stone in his heart upon hearing his own goddess calling another person ’Brother’. However, he dared not speak up at this point.

Darryl sighed and relented after hearing Megan’s enchanting pleads. He used the rope and pulled Kent out of the cave.

Darryl did not even bother talking to Kent after rescuing him and simply returned to the grass hut.

“Darryl, you’re so amazing.”

Lily, who was waiting by the hut with a joyful expression could not help but shouted at Darryl as he approached.

Lily had enquired the people who were resting at the sides about what had happened and found out that Darryl rescued them individually.

Was Darryl still her so-called useless husband? Why it seemed like he was omnipotent…

Darryl smiled and calmly said, “If’s nothing. It’s really late. Go get some rest.”

Needless to say, Darryl was exhausted after rescuing so many people throughout the night.

Everyone was fast asleep not long later. As Darryl was soundly asleep, he heard the incessant beeping of his cellphone.

D**n it! Who could it be in the middle of the night?

Darryl begrudgingly opened up his phone. Another message from Giselle!?

However, there were no photos this time but was a text paragraph instead.

“Mister Darryl, Miss Thomas asked me to send those photos to you. She wants to join Platinum Corporation as well and asked me to be her referral. Check her out and see if she’s good enough.”

“Lana wants to be a celebrity too?” Darryl whispered to himself as thoughts of his schooling days instantly flooded his mind.

Lana always lectured Darryl back when he was still in school. There were two sentences that she often said to him and those sentences were still fresh in his memory. The first sentence was—Darryl if you’ re not willing to read then get lost.

The second was—I gave you your chance, you’ll be standing for today’s lesson.

Darryl was terrified of Lana when he was in school as she was really strict.

However, Lana had surely gotten more alluring over the years. The photos sent earlier showed her perfections regardless of which perspective Darryl saw her from

There was no one who was similar to Lana’s style in the entertainment industry. It was possible she could be famous after signing her on.

Darryl sent a voice message to Giselle after some considerations. “She’s alright. Head over to the company tomorrow and let Pearl know, she’ll arrange an interview for Lana.”

Darryl was about to return to the grass hut after he sent that message. However, a sudden thought made him walk toward the hillside nearby.

According to Dax, Nancy ate the Monk’s Blood fruit there and got p******d. The Monk’s Blood fruit was an important ingredient in the refinement of pills and elixirs!

It was true that Darryl found the Monk’s Blood fruit shortly after arriving at this place. He counted there were dozens of the fruit.

“Haha, it seems the outing this time was worthwhile,” Darryl whispered to himself as he excitedly plucked the fruits.

Darby Mansion.

Today was an important day as Old Master Darby has ended his seclusion.

Old Master Darby was none other than Darryl’s grandfather. He had undergone closed-door cultivation since five years ago and today was the end of his seclusion.

The Darby residence was very lively! Not only every member of the family had gathered for this occasion, but even many prominent people were also here.

Old Master Darby was a legendary figure in Donghai City. He single-handedly managed the entire Darby clan.

However, Old Master Darby retired from the business world more than lo years ago.

After Old Master Darby handed over the family business to Drake, he became obsessed with Buddhism.

Old Master Darby originally joined Buddhism because of the remorse in his heart.

The average joe could not imagine the trickeries and deceptions one had to go through in the cut- throat business world. Old Master Darby had been doing business for many years and naturally had also done some dishonorable matters. Perhaps Old Master Darby was looking for some comfort and that was why he started believing in Buddhism.

Old Master Darby had joined Shaolin Sect by chance five years ago.

Old Master Darby had a good friend by the name of Brian Cunningham who was from the Wudang Sect. He was also known as Priest Brian.