The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 154

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 154 – Why happened to Lily? Why was she blushing?

“I… I’ll go with you.” Yvonne stepped forward from the crowd at that moment. She had to support him now since her previous words had caused Darryl to be humiliated by the crowd. At least she would feel better by doing so.

What? Yvonne would be leaving with Darryl? Why? How could the goddess leave with him?

The Young family could not endure any longer. Darryl was just a live-in son-in-law while Yvonne was still single. Why would she want to leave with him?

“Miss Young, don’t listen to him.”

“Exactly, who knows what he’s up to. He bragged of producing an elixir, but Missus Sanders is still unconscious! Don’t be fooled by him!”

Hearing that, Kent said, “President Sanders, this guy is just trying to escape because he knows his elixir doesn’t work. Don’t be fooled.”

Kent was so confident as he spoke while thinking, ‘ Darryl would never be able to trick me.’

“Yes, Kent is right.”

“He’s just trying to escape as he knows none of us will go with him. He’s just making an excuse.”

Dax ignored them while Darryl was furious hearing their words. When would they stop talking!

Darryl did not wish ID explain further. “It’s up to you whether to believe it or not. However, don’t come to me crying for help if something bad were to happen.”

Haha Everyone laughed as they felt Darryl was still acting and none of them were pleased.

Kent coldly said, “We will beg for your help? Are you dreaming? If there’s really such a moment, I shall kneel and greet you as my father.”

‘He seriously things he can save the world? That’s ridiculous.’ thought Kent.

Darryl smiled and said, “Fine, I shall wait for you to call me your father. Don’t forget what you just said.”

“Shut up!” Kent was furious and was about to charge forward, but Megan stopped him.

“Megan dear, don’t tell rue you believe his rubbish too. ”

Megan was annoyed. “I didn’t believe him, but I stopped you so that you can calm yourself down.

This outing is organized by your family, you shouldn’t behave so emotionally.”

The truth was Megan wanted to join Darryl too but decided to believe the others after some thoughts. She could not deny that Darryl’s words. What would possibly happen to the cave?

“Brother, I shall move then.” Darryl bid farewell to Dax while ignoring the rest. He knew Dax wanted to join him, but could not as his wife was still unconscious. Dax nodded. “Sure.”

Darryl started building a grass hut from tree branches and coconut leaves about a dozen miles from the cave. Lily and Yvonne felt embarrassed standing beside him. Lily appeared calmer though as she thought Darryl wanted to leave the others so he couId spend some private time with her. Now with Yvonne around, Darryl would not be able to do.

“Although it’s simple, it’ll suffice. What do you two think?” Darryl smiled while asking the two goddesses after he finished building the hut.

“You’ve only built one?” Lily asked. The space in the grass hut was not huge, she hoped he was thinking of any funny ideas.

Yvonne felt rather awkward and thought of returning to the cave. However, she gave up when she saw the darkness behind her.