The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 152

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 152 – Dax acted as if he did not hear a single word as he sat quietly and emotionless beside his wife.

Yvonne felt terrible from seeing everyone laughing at Darryl, “I’m not experienced. I cannot be sure. There may be certain people using ceramic jars to produce elixir…”

How foolish of her. She was busy sharing general knowledge of producing elixir that she had unintentionally humiliated Darryl.

“Haha, Miss Young, you don’t need to cover for him anymore.”

“Yes, even though this live-in son-in-law had saved you from the shark this morning, you do not need to be grateful. He’s just a fake!”

William laughed. “Perhaps even if the jar explodes, he will not be able to produce anything. Darryl, stop acting. Don’t you get tired?”

Pop! There was a loud vibration in the ceramic jar which startled everyone present and caused them to step backward. The ceramic jar did not break as the sound was from the reaction of gathering energy in the ceramic jar.

Darryl slowly opened the jar’s cover with everyone anxiously peeping before becoming speechless.

Some of the ladies shouted and felt weak.

There was a black elixir lying quietly at the bottom of the ceramic jar which also released a very nice scent at the same time.

What? Did he just produce that?

Everyone’s mind went blank as they blankly stared at the elixir. That was impossible!

Lily who was biting her lips got excited and curious at the same time! Her husband would never fail to surprise her. She felt she did not know him well.

“Dax, the elixir is ready. I’ll feed it to her.” Darryl

took the elixir from the jar and fed Nancy.

Dax did not say a word despite everyone’s comment earlier as he was worried it may distract Darryl from producing the elixir. Now that it had been completed, he was relieved.

“Darryl, thank you.” Dax nodded while waiting quietly for Nancy to regain her consciousness.

Everyone started to surround them and carefully observe the elixir’s results.

After ten minutes, Nancy looked much rosier than before but was still unconscious. Fifteen minutes had passed and there were still no signs of her waking up. Half an hour! hour!

“Darryl, what’s wrong?”  Dax became impatient.

Darryl calmly replied, “Don’t worry, it’ll take some time to clear the poison in her body. She’s no longer in danger. She will wake up before morning comes.”

The Infinite Elixir Manual had not recorded the duration for elixirs to take full effect. Just like the Godly pill which Darryl produced for Megan earlier did not show any effect at the beginning when she took it, but ultimately it still took effect.

Dax nodded. However, the rest of the people started laughing again.

Despite the fact they were surprised with Darry’s success in producing an elixir, they still believed Darryl did it based on pure luck. The elixir would never have any effect. They felt Darryl was only fooling with Dax.

“President Sanders, I think this Darryl is just foolinyou. She can only wake up tomorrow? If his elixir is effective, why would there be no reaction from Nancy at all?” A topless Justin was trying to impress Dax.

Cold! It was really cold out there. The weather would normally be cold by the sea and storms outside only made it worse. Justin was furious when he recalled losing his shirt to build the fire for Darryl.

Just at that moment, Darryl’s cell phone went beeping non-stop with dozens of messages coming through.

Who would be sending messages so late at night? Darryl took out his cellphone and was stunned.

What was wrong with Giselle? Why did she send so many pictures to him?

Feeling curious, Darryl downloaded the photos and swallowed a big gulp of saliva upon seeing what had popped up on his screen. Those were pictures of his previous class teacher, Lana Thomas.

Thinking of Lana Thomas made Darryl recall his schooling days. During his high school days, the teacher he feared most was Lana Thomas.