The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 139

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 139 – One billion bucks, how could William decide?

Lily was the leader of the Lyndon family. Although the swimming competition was for entertainment, a billion bucks bet was no joke. If the Lyndon family was to lose one billion bucks, their family would be destroyed.

William smiled but did not speak a word.

Kent laughed. “So, the Lyndon family isn’t up to the bet?” “It’s just a game, but the Lyndon family is scared? I thought only Darryl—the live-in son-in- law—is a coward. I didn’t know the whole Lyndon family’s the same. Even William is a coward. Haha!”

William was annoyed upon hearing that. “Why wouldn’t the Lyndon family take part?”

How could Kent look down on him? He was the Lyndon family’s eldest grandson! William felt angry, but Lily was the family leader. He turned to Lily and pleaded, “Lily, we should join and show our support since Kent extended his invitation.

What do you think?”

Truth be told, everyone in the Lyndon family was jealous of Lily. How could a lady become their family’s leader?

If they lost the swimming competition, the Lyndon family would lose one billion bucks with Lily being solely responsible for that! Lily and Darryl should be the ones representing the family in the competition and if they lost, he would complain to his grandmother and get Lily to return all of her family business shares!

William thought he had a great plan!

Lily bit her lips after seeing everyone around her and said, “Fine, the Lyndon family shall participate.”

At this moment, she could not reject the invitation and needed to withhold the family’s dignity.

Kent gave a cold grin upon hearing Lily’s agreement to join.

In the end, the participating families were—Hough family, Lyndon family, White family, Quinn family, and Young family.

Each family would send a male and female as the representative with a total of ten participants.

Honestly, Yvonne was completely uninterested in the competition, but her younger brother was really eager to join, hence she had no choice but to agree. The participants from the Young family would obviously be her younger brother and herself.

The Hough family’s representative would be Kent and Megan. Megan was Kent’s fiancée, therefore she could be considered as part of the family and there was no objection to her participation.

The Lyndon family was represented by Lily and Darryl.

As for the White family, it was represented by Zayler and another lady from their family.

Representatives from the Quinn family would be Justin and his cousin Charmaine.

Everyone was excited when the list of participants was announced as there would be many beautiful ladies taking part in the competition!

Lily, Megan, and Yvonne were s**y and attractive in their own way!

The chance to witness so many beautiful ladies swimming would be the best entertainment.

Kent sent a message secretly from his cellphone without anyone noticing.

Once the message was sent, a young man from the Hough family quietly dived into the water not far away from the shores.

“Let me be the judge! All participants, please get ready,” said Edward with a smile.

At the same time, he gave Kent a thumbs up as moral support. If his son were to win the competition, he would win four billion bucks. He was confident in his son’s speed knowing that Kent had started swimming training since little.

His future daughter-in-law, Megan was a police team leader and had excellent swimming skills.

Both of them would definitely win the competition!

On the other hand, Lily stood nervously beside Darryl, “I… I can’t swim very well.”

Darryl smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Lily had a sense of relief from seeing his confident face and smiled.

Edward raised the microphone and said, “Let the race begin!”

Splash! The ten of them dived into the water and swam towards the little island.

“Come on!” “Faster! Come on!”

Everyone was so excited and started cheering for them. The competition was so exciting as it involved bets worth billions!

“Lily, you can do it! So beautiful…”

“They look so beautiful. The goddesses are so attractive.”

All the men’s eyes on the shore were locked on to Yvonne, Lily, and Megan.

As they had not brought along their swimsuit, they went in with their current clothes. Their clothes were entirely wet from entering the water which fully displayed their s**y body.

They had the perfect body figure. It was perfect! “Wow, look!”

Their attention turned to the male participants.

Kent and Zayler were showing off their swimming techniques from breaststrokes to butterfly strokes. Everyone was amazed by their swimming skills.

Darryl was the only one swimming the most traditional doggy style s****e. It looked awkward but at a good speed.

Darryl was the Darby family’s second son. He would have also had professional swimming lessons just like the rest. However, he was never interested in swimming and spent his free time learning martial arts and researching antiques.