The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 137

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 137 – “Why are you laughing?”

Justin was upset. He pointed at Darryl and shouted.

He knew that Darryl was a live-in son-in-law. How could a goddess such as Lily be married to such a useless man! Even though it might be a fake marriage, it was still unfair.

Justin was jealous of Darryl and hence let it out on him. “If you dare to laugh again, I shall tear your mouth off. What’s so funny?”

“It’s nothing, your name sounds great,” said Darryl.

People surrounding him started to pronounce his name after listening to Darryl’s words. Justin Quinn, Just-In-Queen?

That really sounded funny.

Justin could not hold his anger anymore upon seeing people surrounding him start laughing. He was about to charge towards Darryl, but Lily stopped him. She said softly, “Mr. White, we’re here for fun and games. You don’t have to be angry.”

“Fine then, the dear goddess is right.” Justin immediately held his temper, reached out his hand to Lily, and hoped to shake her hands. “My dear goddess, it’s my honor to finally meet you. I’ve been an admirer for quite some time now.”

Darryl grinned. He almost made a scene when people were laughing about his name before immediately changed his expressions and tried to start a conversation with his wife.

Lily gently shook his hand and immediately retreated behind Darryl while maintaining her elegance.

She had done her part by gently shaking his hand. Although Justin sounded polite, his constant stare on her body made her feel really uncomfortable.

Justin felt awkward when Lily pulled her hand back. Suddenly, his sight shifted towards the other side of the hall, and was attracted.

Not only, Justin, almost everyone looked over and vanished.

Not far away, there were the shadows of two beautiful body figures coming out of the car.

It was Megan and Yvonne!

Both of them must have arrived at the same time, hence they were walking in together. They immediately became the outing’s highlight.

One the goddess of the police force while the other was the beautiful daughter of the Young family.

Megan was wearing a body-hugging dress which showed off her perfect S body shape. Every man was staring at her body.

On the other hand, Yvonne was dressed in a purple long dress, looking attractive and elegant.

Both their appearances brought liveliness to the atmosphere. Yvonne was still single and had many admirers among the families.

Before they were here, they had made plans on how to impress Yvonne during the trip.

At that moment, Yvonne walked towards Darryl.

“Both of you two are early,” Yvonne said with a smile.

She felt a little disappointed though, seeing Darryl standing closely right next to Lily.

Megan arrived with her stilettos, smiled at Darryl, and said, “Dear Little Brother, you’re here too?”

In upper-class society, such outings were an annual event. However, Darryl had never attended any of it. She had not expected him to be there this year.

’Little Brother? When I became a Little Brother?’ thought a smiling Darryl. Everyone looked awkward too.

What was going on? When he became so close to Yvonne and Megan?

Yvonne’s admirers eyes were full of jealousy.

Even Kent’s face looked horrible. He felt embarrassed having his fiancé being so closed to Darryl.

Kent said as he recalled the much earlier incident he had with Darryl, “Megan dear, there’s nothing surprising about Darryl being here for the outing. He’s here simply because he’s relying on his wife’s status. Do you think it’s because of who he is?”

His words were full of sarcasm.


Everyone broke into laughter as Darryl once again became everyone’s focus.

“Kent, we’re here to have fun. Don’t behave like this…” Megan could not help but comment.

Just for Darryl rescuing the little girl from those robbers, he should have been honored! Just for his acts of shielding an unknown girl from a gunshot, he should have been respected! How could they laugh at him?

“Megan, why are you siding him?” Kent was upset.