The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 136

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 136 – “Shame on you, don’t you know people are calling you a live-in husband?” Lily blushed, but she quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

Darryl was not bothered by her words. “No worries, I don’t care what others say about me. You’re my wife, I only care about what you think of me.”

Lily smiled and dragged Darryl on a shopping trip.

She wanted to buy him a suit. However, for their past three years of marriage, Darryl had gotten used to wearing cheap non-branded clothes. He felt very uncomfortable. In the end, after many negotiations, Darryl bought two sets of branded leisure clothing.

Darryl was about to make payment at the cashier after fitting when Lily stopped him.

“I’ve never gotten you anything for the past three years of our marriage. Let me pay for you. Didn’t you just buy me plenty of clothes earlier?” Lily smiled.

Darryl felt very warm by Lily’s words. He did not reject further and allowed Lily to pay for the bill.

The next morning, the Hough family sent transports to pick up the family.

The Hough family was rather famous in Donghai City. They sent tens of Business-class Mercedes. All of the cars were parked neatly by the road and gave a look of grandeur.

Lily looked exceptionally beautiful with her blue tight jeans, white blouse, and stilettos. Her long legs looked very attractive such that the driver could not stop looking at her as she got in the car.

After a few hours, they arrived at their destination, Dragon Rising Lake.

Dragon Rising Lake was also known as Gallery Twenty was a private tourist spot that had very beautiful sceneries. As it was private property, it was not opened to the public.

In actual fact, it was not a lake, but the bay of a sea. Only the rich and famous could spend their vacation there while sitting at the beach and sun bathing under huge umbrellas. It was really relaxing.

Once they arrived at the reception area, the other families were there too. Most of the families sent their younger generations for the outing. The younger generations would be the ones taking over their family business in the future, hence it would be best to send them for the outing.

Right when they arrived, they saw a group of people sitting at the hut, chatting and laughing. There were some familiar faces among them.

William, Elsa from the Lyndon family, and Zayler from the White family.

They stopped to greet both Darryl and Lily when they saw them approaching.

Few men could not stop but stare at Lily.

She looked really beautiful, just like a Goddess.

It was true that Lily looked exceptionally attractive and elegant that day.

Even though the Lyndon family was not a top-tier family, there were many beautiful ladies in the family. Both Elsa and Lily were beautiful in their own way.

William gave a cold grin. Although Lily had a much higher status in the family now, he still felt that Darryl was a nobody other than a live-in son-in- law.

The first sentence he spoke was full of sarcasm.“ Darryl, you look good today. Which stall did you buy your clothes from?”

He was the only one laughing after he said that. Although William knew Darryl had great fighting skills, he knew that Daryl would not fight at such a family gathering event, hence he went on to tease Darryl.

“William, this is the live-in son-in-law you talked about earlier?”

“That shouldn’t be right. How would a live-in son- in-law be allowed to join this outing?”

Everyone looked curiously at William.

William gave a big laugh. “He’s here because of his wife, Lily. He’s a nobody.”

Every laughed hearing what William said. Darryl gave a cold laugh and ignored them.

He had promised his wife that he would not cause a scene.

Lily could not stand it anymore and said coldly, “ William, all of us are here to have fun, what’s the point of saying something so silly?”

Elsa could not stand it either. She frowned and said, “William, stop talking. We’re from the same family.”

William was not satisfied, but he walked away.

At that moment, a young man in a checkered suit approached with a smile. He reached out his hand to Lily. “Ms. Lily Lyndon, how are you? I’m Justin Quinn, the second son of the Quinn family. I’ve always admired Ms. Lily. It’s my honor to meet you today.”

This young man was trying to impress Lily.

Darryl who was drinking almost lost his cool upon hearing what he said. What a funny name. Just-In- Queen. Who gave this guy his name?