The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 134

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 134 – After a few hours, Darryl wiped off his sweat and kept the tens of antidotes he had produced.

“Brother Darryl, you’re our lifesaver.” Skyler felt really grateful as he held on to those antidotes with tears in his eyes.

He brought out a jade pendant, “Brother Darryl, this belongs to the Master of the Grandmaster Heaven Cult. It represents the Master’s identity. I left in a hurry the other day and didn’t manage to pass it to you. Please keep this properly. In the event there are misunderstandings with anyone from the Grandmaster Heaven Cult, please show them the pendant and they’ll know you’re a cult member.”

Darryl nodded, kept the jade pendant with him before giving Skyler a pat on his shoulder, and said, “Quickly, go and save your gang.”

Skyler nodded and immediately left.

Once he left, Darryl went on to research the Infinite Elixir Manual. Now that he had the Bicolor Flowers, he wanted to know what other elixirs he could produce.

In the evening, at Lyndon’s residence. Lily and Jade were sitting on the couch.

Both of them were in short skirts and enjoying their ice-cream under the scorching hot weather.

Lily softly said, “Jade, I really didn’t expect you would suddenly become a real estate tycoon out. Who did you meet? Who invested in your business?”

Lily knew very well about Jade’s situation.

Although her family was quite well to do and had some connections with some important people in Donghai City, to incorporate such a large real estate company was rather unbelievable.

Jade felt complicated as she smiled and replied, “I just met a friend.”

She dared not mention that Darryl was the one behind it.

“Please introduce your friend to me if there’s a chance in the future.” Lily had not noticed Jade’s reaction.

Jade was embarrassed but still put on a smile. “Yes, sure.”

At that moment, Samantha walked over in her jeans. She looked as mature and s**y as Lily and Jade. “Jade, come and eat some fruits. You have a bright future now that you’re the President of Great West Real Estate.”

“Aunt Samantha, don’t mention it. I’m just a worker. The owner is someone else,” replied Jade humbly.

Samantha proudly replied, “It’s the same isn’t it, just like Lily here? She’s holding a managerial level in the Lyndon family’s business, which also means she’s making money for the family.”

Jade smiled and was about to reply when Darryl walked into the hall.

After reading for a whole evening, his eyes felt dizzy. He was really happy to find out that the Bicolor Flower was indeed a treasure. It was the key ingredient for many elixir types.

Lily was happy to see Darryl. “Darryl, you’re home.”

Darryl nodded and said before walking upstairs, “ Jade, you’re here. You girls continue.”

Jade sighed in relief.

Samantha was unhappy. “What’s wrong with him? He speaks in such a rude manner to Jade. He didn’t even serve drinks, where are his manners?”

She had been treating Darryl slightly better ever since she received the necklace worth tens of millions, but she still had not changed her perception completely toward Darryl.

Jade had such a bright future now and Darryl did not even treat her as an important guest by serving her drinks.

“Aunt Samantha, no worries, no worries. I don’t need a drink,” said Jade quickly.

Darryl serving her? That must be a joke!

Back in the bedroom, Darryl took out the book about ancient army weapons that he borrowed from Yvonne.

The book looked seasoned with its cover turned yellow and the large words ‘Ancient Army Weapon’ printed on its cover.

He opened the book and started searching for Blood Drinking Sword. The bedroom door opened before he could find the page.

Samantha walked into the room, glared at Darryl, and said, “Darryl, go get yourself some new clothes tomorrow. Stop wearing all those tom and old clothes. Lily’s the President now. Don’t embarrass her!”

“Fine.” Darryl nodded.

Samantha was unhappy with his reaction and added, “The Hough family had organized an outing. Many other families will join the trip. Make sure you are appropriately dressed and don’t embarrass Lily. This is my final warning.”

Hough family?

He could not stop but to recall Megan’s fiancé, Kent Hough.

His family organized the outing?

Samantha was impatient. “Did you hear what I’ve just said? Look at what you’re wearing? You’re embarrassing Lily!”