The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 132

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 132 – Why did it feel like she was asking Darryl out on a date in the middle of the night?

Darryl shook his hands and said, “No need, I’ll get it from you tomorrow.”

Yvonne was slightly disappointed upon hearing that and gently said, “Fine then, I’ll wait for your call tomorrow.”

Megan also walked out of the bathroom at that moment when he hung up his phone.

Although she was dressed in a conservative set of pajamas, it could not hide that s**y body of hers.

Her damped long hair resting on her shoulders and rosy cheeks after the hot bath made her look really attractive.

Darryl could not stop staring at her as he finally understood the meaning of the word ‘alluring’.

Megan felt the heat from Daryl’s stare as she looked at him and asked, “You’re still not asleep?”

Darryl smiled. “I’m waiting for you to appraise my sword.”

He took out the Blood Drinking Sword as he spoke.

Under the hall’s dim lights, the Blood Drinking Sword was shining with an unusual bloodied- colored glow. There was a dragon image carved on the sword’s body which made it look really grand.

Megan could not stop herself from approaching it when she saw such a sword.

As a team leader of the police force, as well as a member of the Emei Clan, Megan was certain the sword was definitely not a Red Stage weapon as the sword’s length was three feet two inches and the red dragon carving on its body looked so real.

It was definitely a good sword!

Megan walked nearer and noticed Darryl’s stare. He was staring all over her body.

She felt shy and said, “I’m really tired now. Some other day then.”

’D**n, this Darryl tried to lure me toward him while knowing I’m in my pajamas. How cheeky,’ thought Megan. She felt so shy hence she went straight back into her room and locked the door.

Darryl felt disappointed yet funny when he heard the sounds of Megan locking her door.

Megan as the team leader of Criminal Investigation definitely maintained her alertness at crucial moments.

Darryl yawned after grumbling to himself and closed his eyes as he laid down on the couch.

Donghai City had not been peaceful as of late with many incidents occurring.

One of the most shocking news was the new opening of Great West Real Estate.

No one knew who was the owner of Great West Real Estate. Everyone only knew that the company’s president had close connections with Platinum Corporation. In addition, the real estate company also had close relations with Black Tiger Real Estate and Poesia Eleganza Cosmetics.

Everyone knew that Great West Real Estate would have great potentials just based on its business connections.

It was the opening ceremony of Great West Real Estate. The mall entrance was decorated with lots of balloons and there were many expensive cars parked nearby. Almost every rich and famous person in Donghai City was invited to the opening ceremony.

All of them wanted to find out more about such a big scale new company. A new friend might bring new opportunities. This was the common belief in upper-class societies. All guests were dressed in suits and leather shoes with some from rich and famous families while others were businessmen.

There were even many media companies there too.

The most attractive person in the opening ceremony would definitely be none other than the General Manager, Jade.

Jade was in a wine-red long dress, looking attractive, s**y, and elegant at the same time.

There was no doubt many people were checking out Jade’s s**y body as she was not only beautiful but smart as well. She well-managed the crowd and naturally answered all questions posed during the entire ceremony.

Within an hour into the opening ceremony, Great West Real Estate had announced its acquisition of several prime lands in the Donghai City area for business development purposes. The total investment amounted to several billion bucks.

All the media rushed to publish the news and the company became famous in the entire Donghai City.

It was only a new set-up, yet it could acquire so many pieces of prime land. That had never happened in the real estate industry of Donghai City before.

As such, Great West Real Estate became a leader in the real estate industry of Donghai City just within half a day.

At the same time, General Manager Jade instantly became famous.

Reporters from the Donghai Satellite Television even had exclusive interview sessions with Jade.

A lady that managed to acquire so many prime lands was definitely not a simple person.

Everyone who had met Jade would have thought the same.

However, no one knew that Darryl was actually the person behind the few prime lands’ acquisitions.

Neither did anyone know that Darryl was also the owner of Great West Real Estate. Instead, everyone was trying to please Jade whose name soon became so famous in Donghai City.

Not only was Jade referred to as a Goddess due to her beauty, but she was also known as the Iron Lady of Donghai City. Many men had decided to pursue her due to this.