The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 131

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 131 – She saw Darryl start to undress and lay on the couch.

“You!” Megan glared at him but ended up just leaving him to his own devices since he was going to sleep on the couch.

Meanwhile, Darryl took out his phone while lying down. There was a reason behind him sleeping there.

It was already quite late. If he were to return home now, Lily would not be able to sleep well again.

Besides, he would have also disturbed Samantha who would later grumble at him.

Not long after, Megan walked out and pointed toward the couch. “You shall sleep here tonight. Behave yourself and don’t go walking around.”

After braving herself to say that, Megan quickly walked into her bedroom.

Soon, she was holding her clothes and walking towards the bathroom.

She hesitated when she was about to close the door and gave Darryl a glare.

Without waiting for her to speak, Darryl smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t peep.”

Megan’s face turned red with her heart racing as she quickly closed the door.

The sound of water splashing emerged shortly from the bathroom.

Her house had been renovated following the European design such that her bathroom doors were made from frosted glass. Despite not being able to see what was going on inside, Darryl could still make out a faded body shadow of Megan from where he was.

Water continued flowing in the bathroom and Darryl could clearly see each of Megan’s movements.


Under his wild imagination, Darryl swallowed a gulp of his own saliva.

He had never imagined he would be able to enjoy such ’privileges’ and sighed before his cellphone suddenly vibrated.

It was Yvonne’s message again.

Darryl was stunned when he checked his cellphone. There were about 70 to 80 messages from Yvonne! There was almost a message every 30 minutes from the evening till now. The messages were rather similar such as ’Are you there?’, Darryl, what are you doing?’ and etc.

“She’s desperately looking for me. Could it be an emergency?” Darryl mumbled and gave her a call.

At that time.

The Young’s Residence.

Yvonne was in her pajamas when the phone rang. Her heart started racing while flashes of excitement could be seen on her face.

She finally heard from him after seeking him out for so long.

There was actually no such emergency.

She had always been thinking about Darryl ever since her father’s misunderstanding. Yvonne felt so shy as she recalled that incident.

She just wanted to speak with him today but had not expected him to only reply late at night.

However, Yvonne was not upset at all but felt rather excited instead.

She heard Darryl’s voice upon answering the call. “ Why? Is there an emergency?”

’Was he worried about me?’ Yvonne bit her lips in happiness. “Everything’s fine, I just wanted to know what you are doing.”

Everything was fine?

Darryl was stunned upon hearing that.

From the evening till now. 70 to 80 messages, it did not look like everything was fine.

Darryl cracked a joke. “Sigh, please don’t tell me you miss me.”

Yvonne’s face turned red on the other end of the phone as she sounded rather awkward. “Why… Why would I miss you?”

Darryl felt proud when he felt the awkwardness in Yvonne’s voice. Suddenly, he remembered something important and said, “Oh yes, the Young family are antique experts. Do you have some ancient books about army weapons?

The Blood Drinking Sword upgraded for no reason today. Darryl could not figure out if this Blood Drinking Sword was a good weapon or just some scrap metal.

Yvonne replied after thinking for a while, “There should be some in my father’s study. Let me check it out for you.”

The sound of Yvonne walking down the stairs could be heard while they talked.

Yvonne said shyly after about two minutes, “Found one, do you want to come and get it now?”

She sounded nervous and uncertain with her face flushed after saying that.