The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 130

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 130 – Megan bit her lips and stopped talking when she noticed that Darryl was looking at her with a smile.

’Have I cared too much about him?’

“It’s really not necessary. It’s already late at night and the doctors are off work.”

“Then… your wound, how are you going to deal with it?” Megan frowned. She was quiet for a while before saying softly, “Why don’t you go to my house? I’ll help you clean up the wound and apply some m********n.”

Darryl laughed and teased her, “Why do you care so much about me? Are you afraid that I will d*e?”

“I…” Megan panicked for no reason. “After all, you were injured because of me…”

It was already late at night. Megan knew that it was inappropriate to invite a man to her house at such late hours.

However, he was injured. How could his wound be left untreated? And it was exactly because of her that he was injured…

Darryl nodded. “Well, it’s okay if you want me to go to your house and treat my wound, but you have to promise me one condition.”

“What is it?” Megan asked quickly.

Darryl smiled slightly. “You have to call me Good Brother.”

Megan was stunned, her face flushed. She stomped her feet in anger, “You…”

How could Darryl pull a joke on her after all that had happened?

Then again, Megan had no choice but to compromise. She called, “Good Brother.”

Darryl happily responded and then started the car. Megan was both angry and amused.

‘How old is he? How could he joke like that after suffering the gunshot?”

When they arrived back at Megan’s home, Darryl sat on the sofa and Megan quickly took the medical kit out before she removed her high heels.

She prepared the gauze, disinfectant and other necessary things, then leaned over to examine Darryl’s wound.

Megan was a gorgeous lady.

At such a close distance, Darryl was attracted by the nice scent of Megan’s body.

He could not tell under her police uniform that her body was rather curvy.

Megan was blushing when she noticed Darryl’s gaze on her. Her hand pressed on the wound suddenly.


Darryl took a sharp breath and said wryly, “What are you doing? Do you want to k**l me?”

’This woman is too ruthless!’

“You look at me again and I’ll dig out your eyeballs. ” Megan blushed and glared fiercely.

Darryl was helpless. “If you are putting a bandage on my wound, of course, I have to look at you.

Otherwise, where do I look?”

“You knew where you were looking at!” Megan said grimly.

Yue Feng was a cultivator after all. After his wound was treated, he should be fine. Megan squatted on the ground and wrapped the gauze around Darryl’s arm. She looked at Darryl solemnly. “What were you thinking? Why didn’t you dodge when they fired the shot?”

Darryl answered with a smile. “If I dodge, the innocent will be hurt.”

In fact, Megan also saw the female college student at that time. She asked because she wondered what Darryl was thinking.

Megan felt touched when she heard Darryl’s answer.

’He was fearless and gave himself up to take the bullet on behalf of a stranger girl! How much courage is needed to do that?’

She had seen Darryl being mocked and ridiculed all the time. Even his name, Darryl was a joke in Donghai City.

“Why are you looking at me?” Darryl smiled nonchalantly when he noticed the changes in Megan ‘s gaze. “Actually, I am just an ordinary person. If I must pick something special about myself, then perhaps, I feel special to be a cultivator.”

Megan shook her head and said, “No, you are really…really…really courageous today.”

“Really? Don’t you adore me too much. I’m married,” Darryl joked.

Again, Megan was blushing. She glared defiantly at Darryl.

’This Darryl is just too full of himself, isn’t he?’

“It’s late. I’ll take a bath and go to bed. You can rest here tonight if you want to,” Megan stood up and said softly.

She did not mean to offer up her place for him to stay overnight. She thought she was telling him to go implicitly by saying that.

Unexpectedly, Darryl nodded in agreement. “OK, I will sleep on the sofa.”


Megan stomped angrily!

‘Is he really sleeping here? If I let this man sleep here tonight, how would I explain to Kent Hough when he finds out?’