The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1288

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1288 – However, Darryl did not expect that Chang Er would smile and say, “Your Majesty, you were the one who usually massages my legs and pours me tea. Why would you want me to do that today? You do seem a little strange…”

“Uh…” Darryl was suddenly speechless. Who knew that the great Emperor Hou Yi would serve Chang Er like that every day?

Darryl felt awkward; he said, “Oh, I misspoke. I meant, are your legs sore? Do you want me to massage them, my love?”

“My legs are not sore today, Your Majesty. You don’t have to help me massage them,” Chang Er said with a smile. Then, she changed the subject. “Your Majesty, the earthquake looked like it came from the direction of the World Universe. Such quakes are usually an omen for the appearance of a Grand Weapon or a supreme master’s tomb.

“No matter what, there should be a treasure to be found. Your Majesty, do you have any plan for that? Are you sending troops to the World Universe?”

“Well…” Darryl scratched his head; he did not know how to answer that.

Chang Er, who was by his side, continued to say, “Your Majesty, about two thousand years ago, there was a powerful man called Lu Bu. Everyone called him the First Mighty General.

“According to legend, Lu Bu roamed the earth, relying on his unique cultivation method called Blood Battle Eight Directions! Because he used this method so frequently, his internal energy and m*******s aura filled his tomb when he died. So, if his tomb were to reappear, the skies would look like blood-colored clouds!”

Then, Chang Er sighed as she said thoughtfully, “Your Majesty, you have to make a decision. If you can get the Blood Battle Eight Directions method, then your powers will definitely increase to the next level!”

‘Blood Battle Eight Directions! The name itself sounds domineering and majestic!’

At that moment, Darryl’s eyes b****d with intense passion. He felt as if his blood had boiled.

‘No. I have to leave the palace as quickly as possible and return to the World Universe. I have to head to the ancient tomb and get the Blood Battle Eight Directions.”

As he thought about that, Darryl smiled at Chang Er. “I’ll decide whether we should go to the World Universe later. My love, I’m a little tired. I’ll head back to the residence and rest. Why don’t you get some rest, too?”

Darryl’s eyes were filled with urgency. Zhu Bajie said that the Transfiguration Powder’s time limit was only 15 minutes, which meant he would transform back into himself then. He had to seize the time to lure Chang Er to somewhere else.

“Hmm!” Chang Er did not realize the change in Darryl’s expression. She nodded and was about to turn and leave.

Then, a voice grumbled from behind them. “What’s going on, Kid? Why are you taking so long? Have you dealt with the guards yet? Don’t tell me you’re planning to abandon me and leave on your own?”

‘Oh, no!’

Darryl’s heart skipped a beat. He turned to look–Zhu Bajie had grumbled as he walked out of the forbidden place’s entrance.

‘This is it! Such an incompetent teammate! How could he just walk out like that?!’

Darryl was almost in tears.

“Hmm? Chang Er…” Just as Zhu Bajie walked out of his hiding place, he saw Chang Er and suddenly tensed.

Chang Er’s face was filled with surprise, too. She looked at Zhu Bajie in a daze and was rendered speechless.

‘Zhu Bajie has been confined in the forbidden place for a thousand years. How did he get out of there?’

‘This is it! Our identities are about to be exposed!’ At that moment, Darryl panicked.

‘Zhu Bajie must have been cooped up for too long; he is too impatient! Can’t he wait a little longer?’

“Chang Er!” Zhu Bajie walked toward them, smiled at Chang Er, and said, “My lady, I never thought that, after so long, you’re still so attractive.”

Zhu Bajie sized Chang Er up; his eyes almost popped out of his head.

Zhu Bajie knew the situation was not right, yet he was still lustful. The minute he saw Chang Er, he had stopped in his tracks and could not help but woo her!

‘F*ck!’ Darryl did not know whether to cry or laugh. ‘Zhu Bajie is really bold and h***y! Now is not the time! Yet he still flirts with Chang Er.’

“Zhu Bajie!” Chang Er snapped back to her senses; her face was flushed. She glared at Zhu Bajie in a mix of embarrassment and fury. “It seems like you really have not changed at all. The Emperor should have just beheaded you!”


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