The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1284

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1284 – Meanwhile, at Mount Hua in the World Universe! Mount Hua was located northwest of the World Universe.

The mountains there were steep and dangerous, but the view was impeccable. It had been known as the most dangerous mountain in the world since ancient times.

A group of ancient buildings stood at Mount Hua’s peak–it was the Mount Hua Sect!

The Mount Hua Sect had been around for thousands of years; it played an essential role in the martial arts world’s history in the World Universe. For the past thousands of years, the Mount Hua Sect had churned out many strong and powerful disciples!

However, over the years, their size had shrunk, and they had also lost their reputation among their fellow cultivators.

Mount Hua Sect’s Sect Master was Old White Brows; he was in his seventies. However, he was still strong and healthy! He was a level one Martial Saint!

Most of his fellow cultivators called him Master White Brows.

At that moment, blood-colored clouds had risen on the top of Mount Hua with rapturous thunder!

Yes, the place that caused all those phenomena was Mount Hua! The earth trembled violently; it felt like Mount Hua was about to fall into pieces. Many boulders and rocks continued to fall from the peak!

At that moment, Master White Brows sat in the Mount Hua main hall with a solemn expression. The sect’s elders stood in front of him. The sect’s disciples -about 30 to 40 thousand people-had conflicted expressions on their faces. They were inexplicably frightened!

Suddenly, Mount Hua shook violently. Then, thunder and lightning followed; it was as if the skies were about to fall.

Old White Brows had immediately gathered everyone to face that sudden situation!

At that moment, Old White Brows scanned his surroundings and said flatly, ” Don’t panic. The quakes are a blessing and not a curse! It’s time for Mount Hua Sect to revitalize itself again!”


The entire main hall erupted in a heated discussion.

A strange phenomenon appeared, and that meant a Grand Weapon must have appeared as well!

One of the Mount Hua Sect elders walked forward slowly and said excitedly, ” Sect Master, do you know anything about the origin of the Grand Weapon that’ s about to appear?”

At that moment, all eyes were on Old White Brows.

Old White Brows smiled and shook his head. “You’ve all guessed wrongly. Mount Hua is shaking not because a Grand Weapon is about to appear, but a mighty person’s ancient tomb will be revealed soon!”

‘What? An ancient tomb?’

Everyone was stunned.

The appearance of an ancient tomb had caused such a huge commotion–its owner must not have been an ordinary person.

“Everyone, silence!” Old White Brows lifted his hands and continued, “If I guessed correctly, that ancient tomb belongs to Wen Marquis–Lu Bu!”

When he said that, Old White Brows sighed in relief. He had read Mount Hua Sect’s ancient manuals, and one of them had mentioned that Lu Bu was so strong that no one was his match. However, his enemies had surrounded him in an a****k, and subsequently, he died in that battle. Then, he was buried in a tomb underneath Mount Hua.

When the strange phenomena happened so suddenly, and the earth shook, Old White Brows immediately thought of Lu Bu. He was sure that LuBu’s tomb would be revealed soon.

It was important to note that most supreme masters had the highest cultivation levels when they were alive, and when they died and were buried, their lifelong internal energy would fill their entire tomb. Eventually, when their tomb could no longer contain more internal energy, it would break out of the ground and appear in the world once again.

If he had guessed correctly, Mount Hua’s earthquake had happened because Lu Bu’s tomb would appear soon.


The entire main hall erupted in an uproar. Everyone was extremely excited.

It was Lu Bu’s tomb!

Lu Bu was a mighty hero from the Three Kingdoms. The legends mentioned that he had an ultimate cultivation technique–the Blood Battle Eight Directions! It was an incomparable method; no one could fight against it! Since his tomb was about to reappear, if they could get their hands on that ultimate technique, then Mount Hua Sect would grow once again!

“Heed my orders!”

Old White Brows took a deep breath before his thick voice reverberated throughout the main hall. “All disciples are to return to Mount Hua immediately to guard every entrance. Inform me as soon as another sect appears!” Old White Brows said with a face of determination.

All the other sects must have seen the phenomenon that had only just happened. He knew that they must be on their way there.

They must not let anyone take the treasures from the tomb that had appeared on Mount Hua!

“Yes, Master!” The disciples in the hall responded with a roar before they went to deploy their preparations.