The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 128

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 128 – He was piqued to be humiliated by the young brat in front of him.

“What? Am I wrong? Let the child go if you still have a feeny bit of guilty conscience and humanity. ” Darryl kept his straight face and said as he continued to approach the robbers.

“Motherf*cker! Stop it, you f*cking stop right there!” Lance shouted, hatred ablaze in his eyes.

’What is Darryl doing?’

Megan wondered anxiously. She was all tensed up. She thought that Darryl must be out of his mind. What if the robber were flurried and they ended up hurting the innocent child?

Darryl cracked a smile. “To be honest, I admire your courage. You dare to rob the bank with just a few members. However, it’s shameful to take a little girl as a hostage. Your goal is just to escape, isn’t it?

What if you take me as a hostage instead and release the little girl.”

Lance did not respond, his eyes fired up in intense rage.

Darryl smiled indifferently and continued, “You hate me, don’t you? This little girl is innocent, and you have no grievances and grudges against her.”

“Good, good, good!”

Lance’s eyes were red, he hated Darryl a lot!

’Since he wanted to be the hostage so badly, I’ll grant him his wish!’

Lance clenched his fist tight and hissed between his gritted teeth, “You want to be a hero, don’t you? You think you’re f*cking awesome? I’ll make you cry today! You come over slowly. Don’t you pull any tricks.”

Darryl smiled and spread his arms to show that he had no weapons. Then, he walked over slowly.


Megan’s face was complicated and shouted out loud.

Darryl had just taken the bullet for a stranger female student.

And he was about to put himself at risk to rescue the little girl.

’Is he not afraid at all?’

Megan bit her lip as she watched Darryl’s back.

He was known as the useless live-in son-in-law. That was not true, he was really a good man…

Darryl walked forward step by step. Ten meters. Five meters. Three meters.

As he got closer and closer, Megan’s heart was beating faster and faster.

When he was within the last one meter range, Lance let go of the little girl.

The little girl was frightened and she ran to Megan.

At the same time, Lance grabbed Darryl and the dagger in his hand was about to be placed on Darryl’ s neck!

Darryl smiled coldly, and drew out his Blood Drinking Sword in the nick of the time!


The sword light released by the Blood Drinking Sword almost dyed half of the mountain in red!


Lance could not open his eyes because of the sharp flash of light. Before he could react, he felt a dreadful pain on his wrist. He screamed aloud when he lost grip of his dagger and it fell to the ground!

Blood oozed out from his wrist and stained the sword!

“Argh! Argh!”

Lance was screaming like a pig, He ran into the thick forests quickly!

“I’ll remember you! You wait for me right there! I’ll go after you!” Lance shouted while running for his life. In a blink of an eye, the dozen robbers had disappeared in the forest.

Darryl did not want to chase after them. When he drew out his Blood Drinking Sword just now, his fast action tore his bullet wound up and his arm was bleeding profusely.


Darryl pressed the bullet hole hard to stop the bleeding. A mysterious voice suddenly appeared in his mind!

“The Blood Drinking Sword has been successfully upgraded, the current level is Level Two Red Stage!”

’What? Upgraded?’

’F*ck Even the weapon can be upgraded?’