The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1279

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1279 – Darryl was not worried about Pang Tong. Even if he was caught, Darryl could use the pagoda and recall him back into it.

The pagoda had about a dozen kilometers range. As long as Pang Tong did not go too far, he could get him back into the pagoda!

However, just as he exited the p****n, Darryl was instantly bewildered!

‘F*ck! This palace is way too huge!’

Darryl noticed that there were walkways everywhere among the vast palace buildings-it was like a gigantic maze! Some guards patrolled around the area. There were even hundreds of giant birds in the sky with a few guards on each one. It seemed like they were patrolling the skies.

Those giant birds were called Iron King Doves. They were a low-level flying enchanted beast. Obviously, those birds had been domesticated.

It looked like the palace’s sky and ground were heavily guarded!

Darryl’s head hurt. What should he do? How could he escape the palace?

He could only wander around randomly and try his luck. Perhaps he could escape the palace that way!

Once he had decided, Darryl moved forward. The night was dark, so his vision was limited. Furthermore, he was unfamiliar with his surroundings, and he had to be on the lookout for patrolling guards. It was not long before Darryl felt dizzy. He was utterly lost.

At that moment, Darryl was deep inside the palace, but there was a courtyard in front of him.

A huge stone stele was erected at the courtyard entrance!

The stone stele was more than 10 meters tall, and it had bright-red words on it!

Forbidden place! Those who enter shall d*e!

Darryl walked toward the stone stele and saw those words. He trembled.

‘A forbidden place? I’m sure this is a lie. Could this be the palace’s back door?’

Many palaces throughout the dynasties had back doors. That was because the emperors were afraid that someone would usurp their thrones. If there were a coup, then they could escape through the back door. That was why so many palaces would have them.

Darryl was delighted. He walked into the forbidden place and opened the door!


When Darryl opened the door and saw what was inside, he was stunned! He immediately gasped!

There were thousands of wooden stakes! Every wooden stake was about three meters tall-some were thick, and some thin!

Those wooden stakes looked extremely messy and haphazard, yet there were hidden mysteries in them! If Darryl guessed correctly, they were part of a formation!

As he muttered to himself, Darryl stood there with a frown. He looked at the wooden stakes and started to analyze them.

After he observed the situation for about two minutes, Darryl nodded and smiled to himself.

He realized that it was the Thousand Wood Mystery Formation. The Bai Qi Formations had mentioned that the Thousand Wood Mystery Formation was an upper-level formation—it was highly sophisticated and arcane, and it had been passed down since ancient times. Once the formation was activated, it could trap thousands of soldiers in it.

As he thought about that, Darryl strode into the room!

“Five steps onward, two steps backward… six steps southwest, seven steps northwest…” Darryl muttered the Breaking Formation Chant under his breath and walked at the same time. Within ten minutes, he had managed to pass through the wooden stakes!

‘F*k! It’s a d**d-end?’ Darryl had only managed to get through the formation. When he saw what was in front of him, Darryl sighed in despair.

It was a courtyard.

The courtyard did not seem huge, but it was elegant. It had a few grass huts, and beside it was a bamboo forest. It was filled with greenery, and there was even a pavilion in the bamboo forest!

‘F*k! Someone’s in there?’

Darryl scanned his surroundings. Just as his eyes fell on the pavilion, he was suddenly stunned.

A man stood in the pavilion—he looked like he was in his thirties. He was in a long, white robe. He stood up straight—his face was as fair a jade, and his eyes sparkled brightly. He was a beautiful man, indeed.

Darryl had always thought that he was quite handsome. However, he felt slightly ashamed when he saw the man; he could not compare to the stranger.