The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1275

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1275 – Gonggong took a step forward and replied respectfully, “Emperor Hou Yi, this person is Darryl Darby. He is very knowledgeable in formations. I know that Your Majesty is recruiting talents. He would be a great addition and be of great use!”

‘What? Emperor Hou Yi?’

Darryl trembled. He looked at the North Moana Emperor bewilderedly as his mind buzzed!

Gonggong called the North Moana Emperor–Emperor Hou Yi? Could he be the famous Hou Yi?

If the North Moana Emperor was Hou Yi, the Empress, who sat next to him, was Chang Er?

According to the legends, the goddess Chang Erwas Hou Yi’s wife.

When he saw her in person, he thought that she was overwhelmingly gorgeous!

At the same time, the entire main hall was in a heated discussion!

“This Darryl Darby is so young, yet he knows about formations?”

“If he knows formations, then he is indeed a talented man!”

The officials all focused their eyes on Darryl!

Emperor Hou Yi’s interest was piqued as well. He sized Darryl up and said slowly, “You’re Darryl Darby?”

His voice was not loud, but it was full of authority!

“Yes.” Darryl nodded.

“You understand formations?” Emperor Hou Yi asked as he stared at Darryl.

“Well…” Darryl scratched his head and replied humbly, “I know a little!

Emperor Hou Yi nodded and smiled. “Then, let me ask you. Are you willing to stay here and work for me?”

When he said that, Emperor Hou Yi’s eyes were filled with urgency and hope. Hou Yi might be strong, but he was not omnipotent! He was not skillful in formations. Not only that, only a handful of men knew about formations in the entire North Moana continent!

So, in Emperor Hou Yi’s eyes, Darryl was considered a rare talent!

“Well…” Darryl scratched his head and looked hesitant. He smiled and immediately replied, “Please forgive me, Your Majesty, but I’m afraid I can’t accept this request!”

If it had been earlier, Darryl might not have hesitated to agree to Emperor Hou Yi’s invitation. After all, it would be an honor to work for such a famous person.

However, he had founded Elysium Gate, and they were without their leader. He had to go back and manage them. More importantly, Debra, Yvonne, and the others still waited for him to return to them, so how could he stay there?


The main hall immediately fell silent. Everyone looked at Darryl–they were flabbergasted.

What did that kid say? Emperor Hou Yi had invited him willingly, but he had turned down the request.

Emperor Hou Yi was the supreme person in North Moana; no one would dare to refuse him!

At that moment, Emperor Hou Yi’s face paled. He had lost his dignity when Darryl refused his request in front of all the officials!

The atmosphere in the entire main hall was utterly solemn.

“How bold are you, Darryl?!”

At that moment, Gonggong walked forward to reprimand Darryl. “The Emperor extended that invitation himself, yet you remain ignorant. Are you suicidal?”

When she said that, Gonggong secretly glanced at Emperor Hou Yi. She did not k**l Darryl but brought him to the Emperor because she wanted to take credit.

However, Darryl had offended the Emperor, which could spell trouble for Gonggong.

‘This woman…’ Darryl swore discreetly when Gonggong scolded him, but he ignored her!

Then, Darryl smiled forcefully as he turned to Emperor Hou Yi and said, “Your Majesty, forgive me for being direct. I am from the World Universe, and I arrived here by accident, so I cannot stay!”